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Your professional newsletter system

Why mailworx? We will show you!

There are many arguments in favour of our mailworx newsletter system - often, we receive feedback from users of our newsletter tool such as: "Your service is really amazing!", "Great update!", "mailworx is so simple to use – your email newsletter system is really fun!" or "The connection to our CRM system works perfectly!"

Satisfied customers are our motivation, and we do our best to please them every day. Here we would like to present to you our TOP advantages - start your free trial and convince yourself of its quality!


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With mailworx, you obtain a professional partner at your side. We support you in the achievement of your email marketing goals and not only provide you with a high-quality Newsletter for the purpose, but also with our personal support.

Profit from the professional full-service package and optimise your email marketing with our support – from the design via the execution, right up to the evaluation and optimisation of your activities.


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The creation of professional and appealing email campaigns is child's play with mailworx. Through the intuitive operation, you can save lots of time, which you can use for other things - for example, your core business.

We not only provide several functions which will make your work a whole lot easier – our self-explanatory user interface also ensures that you can create newsletter campaigns easily without prior technical knowledge.


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The requirements on a newsletter tool can differ depending on the respective size of the organisation – it's great that mailworx can react flexibly and provide you with optimised solutions individually adapted to your company.

We don't just stop at the software. Using mailworx, you can profit from individual support and bring the required flexibility as well as individuality directly into your recipients' mailboxes.


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There is more than that ...

We can list countless reasons – and our sales team is happy to do this for you face to face in a personal meeting. For now, however, we have picked out a further 5 highlights for you which speak in favour of our email marketing software.

iRated – Artificial intelligence in email marketing

Readers assess in the blink of an eye whether they are going to pay any attention to your newsletter. It is decisive that you grab their attention precisely at this moment. iRated® automatically detects the reader's interests, prioritises these and places the appropriate sections of your newsletter to the front. Reach your customers in a targeted manner to optimise the success of your campaign!

Your technological advance with the mailworx Newsletter system:

  • Artificial intelligence - this self-learning algorithm knows your subscribers' interests
  • Maximum possible effect of campaigns through the sequencing of relevant sections in first place
  • Minimization of the effort required due to the simplification and acceleration of your processes
  • Maximum individuality and acceptance for the increase of click rates, conversions and sales

Profit from the automation of your campaigns

Using the email marketing automation tool by mailworx, you can generate intelligent and automated communication with your subscribers. Automate your campaigns with the mailworx workflow editor and, in addition to having your work made substantially easier, look forward to increased performance indicators.

Be convinced by the numerous areas of application:

  • Complex marketing processes can be simplified
  • In order to turn a lead into a customer, you need persistence - and mailworx has plenty of that!
  • Delight the masses with individuality – fully automated
  • Service mailings: Workflows work for you 24/7
  • Sales support through automated campaigns
  • Accompany your subscribers through the customer lifecycle
  • Automated cross & up-selling campaigns provide increased turnover

Best-possible delivery reliability: mailworx takes care of it

The mailworx services and technologies ensure the best-possible email delivery of your email campaigns – without deviations, from your email newsletter system directly into your recipients' inboxes!

High delivery rates are of immense importance in email marketing – at mailworx, three levels ensure that they occur:

a) TECHNICAL LEVEL: We permanently extend mailworx by new technologies and systems, both in terms of the server and directly in the tool

b) SERVICE LEVEL: Our team uses professional monitoring tools for the inspection of the delivery, intervenes personally if required and also makes contact with providers etc.

c) MAILWORX LEVEL: Using our tools which are integrated directly into the system, such as the Spam Check or Subject Check, you can inspect your campaign prior to dispatch to ensure ideal delivery

Your campaigns are safely delivered to recipients:

  • Best-possible delivery rates
  • Service which doesn't end when the send button is clicked
  • A service package which increases the delivery reliability
  • Spam and blockade-resistant mailing technology with permanent updates
  • Tools for Spam Checks PRIOR to dispatch
  • Perfectly-serviced and trustworthy servers on which you work with your email newsletter system
  • High opening rates

Measurable success with your email newsletter system

mailworx provides you with absolutely transparent information on the success of your campaign - at a glance, you have the most important key data such as the opening rate, bounce rate, click rate etc. to hand in the email newsletter system. Using the statistics tool, you can easily analyse which campaign performs best, where your readers come from, and much more.

And if you want to verify why email marketing is worthwhile, simply export the statistics data from our email newsletter system into Excel with one click of your mouse to create any detailed reports you require!

Request the following from your Newsletter System:

  • Campaign success in black and white – online and in real time
  • 100% transparency – who reads or opens which contents when
  • Geo statistics so that you know where your readers are
  • Detailed information on sales, marketing and management
  • Action instead of reaction
  • Comparisons and benchmarks in seconds
  • Reading rate provides your measurement of success with maximum validity

Your emails are presented perfectly with mailworx

The sophisticated mailworx templates technology with integrated tools guarantees that your email campaign not only looks good in your email system, but also when received by the recipient – independent of which mail program your readers use.

Secure your competitive advantage with mailworx:

  • Clear presentation on all mail clients – whether Mac, GMail or Outlook
  • Mobile-optimised contents – for perfect presentation on smartphones and other mobile devices
  • You too can profit from our flexible templates, which are already mobile-optimised
  • Professional campaigns with strong responses which appeal to the reader
  • Response maximisation through presentation reliability
  • High newsletter click rates based on the perfect email presentation
  • Newsletter template, individually adapted to the corporate design of your company

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