How to use forms for your email marketing

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How to create forms in mailworx

Forms can be created in the mailworx module "forms" by clicking the button "Add". Fill in the requested title and save the form.

create forms


After you saved the form, some additional fields and options will appear. With those additional fields you have the possibility to edit your form.

create forms



Defining data you want to know of your subscribers

You can find two different field types (subscribe fields and form fields) in the section "Data". It is up to you, which fields are hidden or defined as a "required field". The difference between subscriber fields and form fields is also shown in the icons in the first columns. All fields can be rearranged via drag & drop.

defininig data


Subscriber fields and their usage

Subscriber fields include the data, which is stored in the subscriber database. The subscriber fields salutation, firstname, surname and email are predefined in the standard form, but it is also possible to remove them.

Use subscriber fields for all data, that could be useful for you in the future, e.g. for a multiselction field that contains criteria you can use for dynamic subscriber groups.

subscriber fields


How to create new subscriber fields

The subscriber database of mailworx is flexible and can be adjusted to your needs. Therefore it is very easy to add new subscriber fields and use them in your form. If you require more subscriber fields, it is possible to create them in the menu Administration - Subscriber fields.

new subscriber fields


Form fields and their usage

In contrast to subscriber fields, form fields are not saved in the subscriber database, they are just used for the specific form.  They are needed for the request of various information, for example in a satisfaction survey, but are of little use in the long term.


How to create form fields

You can create form fields up to your needs. Choose "Create form field" and fill in the required name. There are various field types possible, which can also be configured.

new form field

Example: You want to know the way of arrival (bus, train or car) for an event. To enable this, you just have to add a new field of the type "selection" and define the possible selections.

create new form field


Define follow pages for your form

When a subscriber submits a form it is good to let him or her know, whether the registration was successful or not. 
Configure the forward and error page in the tab "Followpages".


Why create a forward page or error page?

If a form has been sent correctly, you can confirm it with a forward page.  It´s also useful to show a sender that there has been a mistake during the sending, with an error page. Possible mistakes can for example be empty required-fields.


There are four possibilities for such pages:

  • URL: The forwarding leads to another webpage
  • Text: You define a text, which should be shown
  • Close: The window is closed afterwards
  • Landingpage: In this case you will be forwarded to a Landingpage. You can create them in mailworx, when you navigate to Email Campaigns / Landingpages . This option is only available if there exists a Landingpage in the same language as the form.

How to be notified about form actions of subscribers

If you want to be informed after a form was sent, you can set "Send a notification mail" active  and add your email address. This option is available in the tab "Action". Every required data will be sent to your email account after a form has been submitted.

send notification mail


How to add all subscribers, who submitted a form to a new or an existing subscriber group

It is possible to assign the subscribers who submitted a form to a static subscriber group. To make this possible, just activate the button "Choose static subscriber group" in the tab "Action".

Now you have to options:

  • Create a new subscriber group
  • Assign subscribers to an existing subscriber group.

Note: Form fields can only be exported, if the subscribers  were assigned to a static subscriber group.

add to subscriber group


What do I have to consider for subscribers who already exist in the system?

There are some cases where subscribers already exist in the database before they fill out a form. As an example you want to conduct a survey among subscribers of your newsletter. Depending on the subscriber fields you use in your form, it might happen that data is overwritten, when the subscriber enters different data. You can either choose to update subscribers or to add a new subscriber regardless of the existing one instead.

existing subscribers in the system

The meaning of subscriber update

Usually it is completely fine to update existing subscriber data. There are few cases where it could cause confusion. If more than just one person registers with the same email address (e.g., the same subscriber will be updated every single time. That leads to an identity change, which means the data of the subscriber is overwritten with the data filled in the form.

The meaning of adding new subscribers

The sender of a form will always be added as a new one and it doesn´t matter if the data is already existing or not. Thereby it´s possible that more persons register with the same email address. Since every person, who sent the form is added as a new subscriber, the is no match and no identity change.

Note: Consider that this option can produce duplicate data.


How to automatically send confirmation emails to subscribers who submitted a form

Submitting a form can initiate the automatic distribution of a campaign. This function is perfect for sending a welcome mail right after the registration. To do that, just choose a pre-created event depended campaign in the send plan.

You can also create so called "Double Opt In" mechanisms, via the combination of event depended campaigns and appropriate forms.

Note: Those processes can be represented even simpler with the mailworx Workflow Editor. A form can be the trigger for an automated workflow.

send confirmation


Where to use forms

A form can be linked out of a newsletter or it can be embedded in a website.


How to link a form in a campaign

To link a form in a newsletter you have to choose "Add link" in the settings of the specific article. Set the link type to form and you will see a list of all your created forms. Pick the form, which should be linked and save the settings.

link in a campaign


How to embed forms in a website

Selection fields for the case of integration in a website

If you choose the second option, to integrate your form in a website, you get two new possible settings.

  • Error at double registration
  • Enable antispam protective mechanism

The meaning of an error at double registration

If you have activated this field, there will be a check if there already exists a subscriber with the same data. In this case, an error-page occurs.

error at double registration

Why activate the antispam protective mechanism?

By activating this option, mailworx checks the filled fields according to their plausibility, whether the subscriber is on any of the mailworx Blacklists and at what times the form has been sent (just if it was sent several times). Formspam  programs, which fill in and send forms automatically, can be reduced to an absolute minimum.


How to integrate forms in a website

In the menu point "Embedding" you can find different options:

  • You can copy the whole code and fill it in your site.
  • Choose the "code for pop ups" to open a new window including the form. Be aware that some browsers don´t allow Pop-ups.
  • You can create a link on your website which leads to the form by using the code "url to form".
  • mailworx automatically creates a QR Code, which is multifunctional insertable as a JPG. 

Note: If you modify field forms, check if the form fields on the website change too. Otherwise insert the form again in your website.

 integrate forms in a website


How to test forms

For checking a form choose the menu point "Embedding", copy the url and insert it in a new browser tab.

Note: Do not fill out a form in the preview mode or in a test email, because otherwise the preview subscriber "John Doe" could be overwritten.

test forms


What happens when the checkbox "default form for profile change" is activated?

If you choose this option, the form will be used in campaigns as the standard "profile change" form. This form is linked in the footer of your campaign, to enable the possibility for your subscribers to update their data and preferences.

default form for profile change


Other useful settings 

Page break in the form

In mailworx you have the option of building a form with several pages. By choosing "Add subscriber fields" you will see page break in the drop down menu.

page break

After you have inserted the system field, all additional fields will be shown at the next page of the form. You can rearrange the field via drag & drop.

Call-to-Action button in the form

With a meaningful title of the submit button, you can increase the chances that the subscriber sends the form.



How to change the design of a form

In the menu point "Settings" you can change the design of your form. Headline color, headline font and size can be set here. 
If you create a new form, the settings won´t be the same, the settings from the standard settings are relevant.

design of forms


As you can see, there is no technical knowhow required to create a successful form.
By the way, all mailworx forms are responsive and adapt automatically to the size of the screen of the used equipment (smartphones, tablets etc.).