Build your audience with mailworx

Add new subscribers yourself

How do subscribers find their way in your email marketing list?
Generate new leads with your mailworx registration form on your website, add subscribers manually or import existing customer data.

Watch this video to learn more about the mailworx import and the subscriber database.

Create your online registration form

  1. Choose the menue item campaigns / forms
  2. Add a new form and choose a name
  3. Select the option "This form is embedded in a website"
  4. Save the form. Some of the fields are created automatically.
  5. Obtain a confirmed permission to send emails (Double Opt-in).
    Choose the subscriber field "optin" from the drop down menue, make sure it isn't visible in the form and set the default value as given "no"
  6. Afterwards choose the event dependent email campaign you want to send for confirmation.
    In the campaign you can define the settings for the confirmation link. The value "yes" for the optin has to be activated when the subscriber clicks the link.

Create your online registration form

Discover more functions of the mailworx forms behind the following tabs. 

Form settings
Style your form. This step is not necessary if prefer to use the design of your website.

Follow page
Define the text for the followpage (your subscribers will see it when the form has been submitted successfully) and for the error page.

Here you can find all the information for embedding the form in your website.

Do you want to receive a notification when a new subscriber fills out the form? You can activate this function in the tab "action". Collect the subscriber data in a subscriber group - f.e. "online registration".