Expect more than the usual! Extend the scope of your Email Marketing! Benefit from A/B-Testing, statistical campaign comparisons and subscriber group comparisons, our Event Marketing Tool and more great features.

Get more data insights

Compare your campaigns to figure out which one performed best and identify your Top 5 by pressing a single button. Check the results based on target groups and easily draw the appropriate conclusions.

Integrate your Event Marketing

You are organizing workshops for customers or big international events? Plan all your Event Marketing activities ahead and automate the confirmation process. It is even possible to integrate your event marketing with the mailworx Add-on.

Manage your teamwork

Define authorization levels and share content with your team members or across multiple accounts. If you want to add an account a non-recurring fee will be charged. Want to work with multiple accounts? Check out our plan for premium users.

Test for the best

Which subject line performs best? Can you achieve a higher open rate using another sender's name? The A/B-Split Test will reveal it.



More email list options

Easily create new subscriber groups from existing ones. Create intersection, create union, subtract groups or split them - there are almost unlimited applications.


Be prepared for interoperability

With the professional plan you have the option to add the mailworx API to render mailworx interoperable with the required systems or platforms. A non-recurring fee will be charged for this additional service. In the premium plan it is already included.

Automate your email marketing

Use the mailworx workflow editor to automate your email marketing and create engaging multi-step campaigns.