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Customers nowadays are facing more and more difficulties in finding the information they are interested in, due to the mass of advertising they receive every day. Stick out of the media jungle by providing individual content for each of your subscribers. Make use of the dynamic content and the dynamic content ordering of mailworx! You can find a detailed tutorial on how to use them below.


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What is a dynamic content?

How to make use of a dynamic content?

How dynamic ordering works?

How to use dynamic ordering?


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What is dynamic content?

With the dynamic content function of mailworx, you can make sure, that every customer receives exactly those parts of the newsletter which are interesting for him or her. The best thing is, that you don´t have to create separate newsletters for each target group. You just create one newsletter and select which articles should be shown for which subscriber group(s). It is very important that your subscribers just see the content which is relevant for them, cause otherwise they might not read it any longer.


How to make use of a dynamic content

Every added content in your newsletter can be set as a dynamic content in a really simple way. After you have created a new content, you just have to select the "Person Symbol" next to your content.

After clicking on this symbol a new window is opened. Now you can choose those subscriber groups, which should receive this special part of your newsletter afterwards. Every subscriber group in the right box will get the content and every subscriber group which isn´t selected will not receive the selected part.
Don´t forget to press the "Save" button after you have added the right subscriber groups!

You can repeat this for every article of your newsletter now, just as you want.

To make sure that everything works well, mailworx will check your settings afterwards. If everything is correct you will get the following report line. It guarantees that every section will be sent to a recipient and each recipient will get at least one section.


How dynamic ordering works

With the dynamic ordering feature you are able to specifically consider the interests of your customers. You just have to define the order of the different parts of your newsletter for certain subscriber groups. Thereby you can maximize the success of your sending.

If you have subscriber groups with different interests (e.g. hiking, skiing, golfing) dynamic ordering helps you to arrange the articles in the proper order, so that everybody sees the most relevant content first. Afterwards mailworx will send the different versions automatically.


How to use dynamic ordering

Create your newsletter and click on "Edit content" in the area "Content". Then switch to the tab "Settings" on the right. There you can find the link Dynamic Ordering.

Now you can add as many subscriber groups as you want to use for the dynamic ordering. We decided to create a different order for our male and female subscribers.

Click the "Edit" button now. (You have to repeat the following steps for each added subscriber group)

You can now see a detailed view of the dynamic ordering for your chosen group. Via drag & drop you can do the sorting for exactly this subscriber group.

With a click on the "Switch to preview" link you can see how the final newsletter will look like, when you switch between the different subscribers, who will receive the newsletter. Repeat this process for each selected subscriber group now.


You can also rearrange the sequence of the subscriber groups via drag & drop. mailworx checks top down, if the subscribers exists in a group and uses the selected sequence for the sending.

If a subscriber is listed in more than one subscriber group, the order of the subscriber groups is relevant for the dynamic content ordering.
If the subscriber isn't part of any subscriber group, he or she will receive the "original newsletter", just as you have created it at the beginning.

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