Newsletter Video Tutorials & Whitepapers

Watch our video tutorials and read our whitepapers to learn more about the cool features of mailworx. You'll see the handling of our email tool is very easy and intuitive. Let's get started!

Basic email marketing tutorials

Create beautiful email campaigns

This video gives you an idea of how simple it is to create email campaigns with the mailworx editor. See our whitepaper for very detailed step-by-step instructions.

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Build your subscriber base 

Our subscriber management is very flexible. You can add new subscriber fields in the database whenever it is required. Learn more on how to import an email list and creating your online registration form.

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Segment your email list

Read this whitepaper if you want to learn more about subscriber groups, email list segmentation and about how to send target-group-specific email campaigns with mailworx.

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Personalization in email marketing

Personalization is a key factor to your success in email marketing. With this whitepaper you'll learn the basics of personalization based on text components.

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Forms for your email marketing

There is a huge operation area for forms in email marketing. Learn more on how to create and use forms for your successful newsletter campaigns.

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Eliminate Duplicates with mailworx

High-quality subscriber data is the base for a successful email campaign. Therefore it is necessary to keep your data updated. Learn more about duplicate administration.

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Analyzing email statisitics

Statistics are an essential part of a successful email marketing. Learn how to interpret it and estimate you performance! We show you how.

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Get new subscribers - Double Opt In

Welcome campaigns are crucial, if you want to turn your subscribers into customers. We show you how to build a successful welcome campaign with double opt-in.

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Manage email bounces with mailworx

In this guide we want to talk about handling email bounces, types of bounces, bounce limits and the things you can do for a better data quality.

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Advanced email marketing tutorials

Successful with A/B Testing 

A/B Testing is a simple and effective way to maximize the newsletter opening rate and click rate. Read the following paper to learn more about how to test your email campaigns.

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Dynamic Content & Ordering

Stick out of the media jungle by providing individual content for each of your subscribers. Learn how easy it is and improve the quality of your newsletters to a maximum!

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