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Integration packages


Are you exploiting the full potential of your email marketing campaigns? In order to answer this question with an honest YES, you have already started with the integration of third-party systems with your newsletter software mailworx. However, far too few companies realized the full potential of this marketing instrument. Often, the responsible managers have lack the resources or they have respect of the technical part of the implementation. We are happy to help you out with that!

The mailworx integration packages are completely implemented by us - from the project planning to the successful implementation in your system. We address your individual needs, no matter which system you want to connect to mailworx and which level of integration you prefer.



Through the integration of the different systems, you can benefit from the data exchange, but at the same time, you can still work with your familiar software environment.


A perfect interaction of your systems creates an enormous advantage in many areas. By increasing the efficiency of your business processes, you will save time and money.


The mailworx developers are professionals in their core business and will create the optimal solution for your project - no matter which system you want to integrate.


With an integration of your systems, you are on the pulse of the time. Inspire your customers with fully automated campaigns and stand out from the competition with your service.



The subscriber management is one of the most important areas in email marketing. However, subscribers can not only be won via mailworx. You may also manage data about subscribers that are important for your email marketing in other systems such as CRM and ERP systems or an online shop.

Avoid complex import or export processes and connect the respective systems with each other to benefit from the perfect interaction.

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A newsletter without content? Inconceivable. However, implementing content multiple times is inefficient. By connecting your email marketing system mailworx with your content, this can be made a lot easier. No matter whether you want to integrate news articles from your CMS or products form your online shop.

Through a successful implementation, the content from external systems can be inserted into your newsletter campaigns with just a few clicks.

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Do not look at the systems of your company as separate silos - connect entire business processes. You can combine the advantages of all areas and create seamless operations, no matter whether it affects the sales and marketing department or other central processes of your business.

Automated one-to-one marketing through the use of trigger mails or automated workflows will drive your business to success.

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Without recipients, email marketing makes no sense. However, these recipients can also come from other systems and do not necessarily have to come via mailworx forms or an import to the subscriber database. There are certainly other systems in your company that may include subscribers of your newsletter or for other mailings. Regardless of which system (CRM, ERP, online shop, etc.) is involved, by integrating this data you will be provided fully automated with important information for your newsletter activities.

As part of the integration project, we determine together, which information should be synchronized. In addition to the master data, other important details about the person can also be transmitted via the mailworx api. You can choose between two different levels of integration:

  • synchronize subscribers
    The defined subscriber data can be imported to mailworx and will be available for your email marketing activities. Within the integration project, you can individually decide whether you want to transmit all recipients or only a selected target group and whether the transmission should be periodic or punctual. Therefore, you always get a up-to-date database.
  • synchronize subscribers & response
    It is also possible to implement a bidirectional synchronisation of the data. This not only enables you to synchronize subscriber data to mailworx, it also sends campaign responses back to the initial system. For example, if the subscriber updates the data in the newsletter campaign, the actual data is also transferred to the other system.

Use Cases

CRM system

Your lead management is usually handled in a CRM system. These processes can also be efficiently supported by newsletter campaigns. Through the integration, you can send a campaign with initial information for prospects through the CRM system. Therefore, your sales force does not have to leave its familiar working environment. The campaign reactions of mailworx are automatically transferred and can be used for further sales processes.

ERP system

Among other things, your ERP system also stores up-to-date data about your suppliers. By synchronizing this data with mailworx, it's also available to you for email marketing campaigns. It will become easier than ever to send important information to the right recipient - without manual import and with enormous time savings. 


We have awaken your interest?

We look forward to your request and we will gladly compile your individual integration package!

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In a company, many texts, images or other media files are buzzing around. Often, these are stored in a DAM system or used for the website. Through an interface to these systems, you can easily use this content for your newsletter campaigns - without having to leave the familiar environment of the mailworx campaign editor.

Avoid manual content maintenance in several different systems. Instead, work with an interface to get the content you need directly into your campaigns. On the one hand, you remain flexible which content you want to import from which system into the respective newsletter and at the same time you are more efficient. Texts, images and other digital media do not have to be imported several times. There are no limits to the possible use cases - regardless of whether you want to get a picture or document from your DAM system, a text from your website or a complete product description from your online shop.

Use Cases

CMS system

Maybe you have an area on your website where you present up-to-date reports of your company. This can range from a news section to your own blog. Exactly this content of the website is often presented in your regular newsletters. By integrating your CMS with mailworx, you can simply get this content into your mailings and, if necessary, adjust them before you sent them to the respective recipients.

Online shop

Product placement plays an important role in an email campaign of an online store. Most of the time you already put a lot of effort into the product description of your online shop - so why do not use this description in a newsletter? Through an interface between your online shop and mailworx, this content (text, images, links, etc.) can be imported into your campaigns with just a few clicks.


We have awaken your interest?

We look forward to your request and we will gladly compile your individual integration package!

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Automation is the supreme discipline when it comes to the topic of integration. The individual systems are not considered in silos, you have to connect entire processes together. Think about all the IT systems used in your business. This can range from an ERP software or a CRM database to an online shop system. Make a sketch and note the stored data of the respective systems. Think about how you can use the existing data in your email marketing with mailworx.

Special events (triggers) in the external systems will lead to an action in mailworx - regardless of whether this is a simple service email or a complex workflow is triggered. Identify these triggers and at the same time define which data should be transferred from one system to the other. So you have already created an optimal basis for the integration project. Do not worry - we are happy to assist you in this process and do not stop at the technical part of it. Of course, we also help you with the successful implementation of trigger mails or workflows.

Use Cases

Online shop

Make use of cross or up selling potential by placing product recommendations or additional services in a newsletter after the purchase. Your online shop software probably already contains the most important details for this process. The system knows what the customer bought and has the information about similar products. By an integration to mailworx, you can automatically implement those products into a newsletter campaign - individually tailored to the respective subscriber.

CRM system

It takes endurance to turn a lead into a customer. Most people are ready to buy only after they have built trust in your product or service. With email marketing automation, you build up this trust continuously and you are ready as soon as your customer is ready to buy. You can easily convince leads with a series of information as a welcoming or other automated marketing campaign.


We have awaken your interest?

We look forward to your request and we will gladly compile your individual integration package!

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We actively support you during the entire integration process and assist you with our core competences. You will benefit from our knowledge and experience - this is how we work together to create the optimal solution for you and your business.

Phase 1: Planning

In the first phase of the project, we will define the framework together with you. We will think about which of your systems you want to connect to mailworx and which data should be exchanged. Together we will develop the right solution for your business.

We will be happy to show you in a first meeting, which processes in your company can be connected and how you can benefit in a long term from the integration of your systems with mailworx.

Phase 2: Implementation

Let's put the plan into action together. We gladly take on the entire programming and implementation of the integration project. Our mailworx developers are professionals in their core business and will create the optimal solution for your project - no matter which system it is.

You have competent developers right in your company? Of course, it is also possible that we only assist them during the implementation process.

Phase 3: Launch

We are as flexible as your system. Depending on your ideas, we can also train your employees after the successful implementation of the project. Once everyone is on board, further optimizations of your email marketing activities can be taken.

We are happy to provide you with our expertise in the field of marketing automation and trigger mails. Together we can make use of the advantages that you have gained through a successful integration of your systems with mailworx.


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