You send less than 6000 E-Mails per year? We have good news for you: Use all the basic features of mailworx (however they aren't just basic) for free. Create awesome campaigns, target your audience, measure your results easily and have fun! Included Features

Build your audience

Create your own sign up form for online registrations or import your subscribers easily. Organize them in static email lists or in dynamic subscriber groups and send tailored campaigns with dynamic content. You will create perfect fully personalized marketing campaigns.

Customize your database

Add new subscriber fields to the mailworx database to adjust it to your individual situation. This way you'll stay flexible and independent.

Send awesome campaigns

Creating stunning mobile-friendly or automated campaigns is a matter of minutes with our WYSIWYG-Editor. Adapt the free promotion template to your taste, insert images via drag & drop and put your ideas into practice with your flexible template design.

Measure the responses

Use the free reports, industry benchmarks and data insights (Opens, Clicks, Bounces, …) to see what works in your Email Marketing. If you want to get a more detailed picture on how your emails are performing you can level up to our paid plans anytime you like.