Marketing Automation in Email Marketing

You want to send stunning campaigns to engage your subscribers? Marketing Automation is the sure road to success and neither has to be complicated, nor expensive. Our workflow editor makes it easy to set up and automate your campaigns and reach your ambitious goals.

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Our workflow editor is offering everything you need to attract, target and connect with your subscribers, build long-lasting relationships and drive sales! This feature is part of the professional or premium plan - Sign up now! 

mailworx Workflow Editor

Marketing Automation Best Practice

Automated welcome emails

Rewarding customer relationships

Use the workflow editor to optimize the communication with your customers.


  • Get higher opening and click-through-rates
  • Seize the change for higher revenues
  • Develop strong relationships across the customer life cycle

More time for what's important

Automating your email campaigns will save you plenty of time, because it makes complex processes manageable and easy to adopt.

  • Understand your customers better
  • Learn from their behavior
  • Respecting their needs will earn you their respect!

Automate your email marketing!

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