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Email Tracking

Measurable results
and clear insights

One of the biggest advantages of Email Marketing is its measurability, but making sense of the stats can sometimes be a challenge. mailworx provides various tools to help you analyse and interpret the results of your campaigns and easily compare them to other campaigns and competitors.

Mails sent


Bounce rate


Opening rate


Reading rate


Click rate


Unsubscribe rate


Mails sent
Bounce rate 1,21%
Delivered = Recipients 98,79%
Recipients with openings 35,71%
Total openings
Recipients with redings 28,57%
Total readings
Recipients with clicks 7,32%
Total clickcount
Unsubscribe 0,43%
Profile changes
Resendings 0

Real-time E-Mail Tracking & analyses

Email metrics & more

Get more than just the traditional metrics! mailworx measures reading time next to opens, clicks, CTOR, etc. A live preview with integrated click map makes it easy to get a sense for the content that works best at a glance. Use the precise and detailed reports and individual-related statistics to learn even more about your subscribers.

Compare & benchmark

Monitor your response results and compare your campaigns easily to each other or to the average values in your sector. See which emails performed best and use this knowledge to enhance your email marketing.

Hot spots & perfect timing

Geo Marketing

Where is your audience from, where do they open your emails and are there regions you should obviously pay special interest to? With mailworx you'll put your email marketing on the map and acquire a whole new perspective on the world. 

Opening time history

The first hours after sending your email count because then subscribers will pay most attention to them. mailworx gives you a precise overview over the time frame in which most openings happen so you can make adjustments and improve your timing.

Audience Targeting

Sophisticated analyses

View the responses to your campaigns from the perspectives of different target groups. Just choose the groups you want to compare from the drop-down-menu to answer all the questions you might have on their responses.

Level of activity

How active is your audience? Are there any subscribers who do not respond to your campaigns at all? Probably there are some! With mailworx you are able to identify them with just a few clicks. Furthermore you'll have the chance to learn more about the topics a subscriber is really fond of in the long term (index of interests).

E-Mail Reporting & Statistic App

Final reports

A few days after sending your campaign you'll receive an automated report on the results including the comparison with the previous campaign. This will give you an perfect overview and makes it easy to report to your superior. 

Insights to go

Make use of the mailworx statistic app to share the performance of your campaigns with your team and management. It provides all key indicators and informative live tiles at a glance. They will be impressed by your success!

Measure and analyze email responses – Also get to know these cool features!

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