Create beautiful emails with the mailworx editor

Add and edit a new campaign

  1. Give your campaign a name. It is not visible for your subscribers unless you add the campaign to your website archive.
  2. Choose a convincing subject line – it will have a positive effect on your opening rates.
  3. The sender's name influences open rates as well. Experiment a little bit to find out which one is the most effective. Instead of your company's name the name of a team member might have the desired success. It is even possible to personalize the sender's name, when there are different contact persons for your customers. 
  4. Type in a valid email address you want to use for sending your campaign.
  5. Choose a subscriber group from the drop-down-menu when you don't want to send your campaigns to all subscribers. 

Design your email

  1. In mailworx there are different types of article layouts you can use very flexible for your email campaigns. Just decide when editing which ones you would like to insert. You don't need to change the email template before that. You can change the order of the topics by rearranging the articles by drag & drop.

  2. Adapt the layout of your campaign to your taste. Choose your colors and font-styles in the settings. Define a preheader for your campaign in order to get higher opening rates and modify the settings for the table of contents and the footer of your email. 

  3. It is possible to send a test mail to yourself, your colleague or a test group for proof-reading or just to ask for a feedback. 

  4. In the Live-Preview you can see how your email looks like in the HTML- or text-version, on mobile devices or check the personalization components of your email. As Premium user you get the iRated-Preview in addition.

Add content to your campaign

  1. When you type in (or copy-paste) your text a tool bar appears above. Use it to format your text, set links and text alignment, insert text components and so on.

  2. Drag & Drop is the fastest way to place your pictures. You can also choose an image from the media data base - just click on the place holder to pick one.

  3. The bar on the left side allows you to copy, delete or resort the article. Choose a style for the article in the properties and specify if you want to show its headline in the table of contents.

  4. Use this tool when a content should only be visible for a group of subscribers (among all recipients). Select the group and save the settings. 

  5. To create a link, mark the required text and click on the link symbol. There are various link types you can choose from. 

Create links in your email

  1. The link name is important for a better understanding of the statistic.
  2. There are different link types you can use for your campaign:

    Link to a website
    Link to a ftp-server
    Calendar entries
    Mailto links
    Links to forms and surveys
    Links to landing pages (you can create them in mailworx)
    Links to files in the media database
    Anchor links
    Link to a photo gallery
    and more

  3. Learn more about your subscribers and the topics they are interested in. Create your own subscriber fields let mailworx set them active when a subscriber follows a link.

  4. Collect all the subscribers with clicks on a link in a subscriber group so you can send more specific information on a topic later on.