On a speed date you have four minutes to find out, if you can attract the interest of the person across the table. Your subject line only has seconds to convince.

Speed dating: These flirt tips also work out in email marketing

You want to write email subject lines that your subscribers simply can’t ignore? Do you often find yourself struggling to find the right words to catch the attention of your audience?

Imagine it’s your first date and the first impression counts. Use these flirt tips and strategies to write the best email subject lines possible and make your subscribers fall in love at first sight.

How to write better email subject lines - what you can learn form speed dating

Play hard to get
Probably you’ve been in a similar situation before. When you date somebody who (you believe) is out of reach for you, you might even desire him or her more and try harder to capture the person’s imagination. Scarcity urges us to react because we are afraid we might miss out on something. When something is rare we try to get hold of it. So convey a sense of urgency with your subject line: limit the time of your offer (“only today”), make it exclusive (“only 10 tickets left”) or your recipient feeling special (“just for you”).

Make compliments, bring a gift
Turn on the charm. A little sweet-talk might work wonders and encourage your readers to open your email, but be careful, don’t overdo things. Everybody likes to hear compliments, if they are genuine. Show your subscribers that you respect them, show your gratitude to regular customers, or massage their ego by asking for their personal opinion. Offer them goodies or special discounts, they will return the favor.

Tell your story
Express yourself and tell stories that linger in the memory and make sure that people will remember you. You don’t have to invent stories, just take stock of yourself and see what you find there. For sure there’s plenty to talk about and to be proud of. Don’t reveal everything on the first date and keep that in mind when you are writing your subject line. Excite your subscribers’ curiosity and make your email subject line an auspicious beginning of a story that wants to be read and shared.

Ask questions
In contrast, talking too much about yourself is never such a good idea either. Nobody wants to hear monologues or self-adulation all the time. Ask questions to drum up the conversation: Show that you pay attention to the needs of your subscribers and give them a chance to engage with you. We are full of curiosity by nature and used to react to questions.

So when you raise a question in the subject line, one of the following things will happen with all likelihood. Either people don’t find a satisfactory answer themselves and want to know what you can do for them, or they like to prove if you come to the same results and if you share their opinion. Also, putting a question mark over a certain topic can be a good strategy for catchy subject lines.

KISS on the first date?
Well, it depends. Usually, Keeping It Short and Simple is recommended for subject lines, but sometimes it can be more interesting not trying to kiss. Instead of choosing the direct way, try to be more subtle to distinguish yourself from others and create remarkable subject lines that will win the inboxes and hearts of your subscribers.

A/B testing email subject lines
Speed dating learns us that if your pick-up line doesn’t work out properly the first time, you’ll always have a second chance. As cupid has more than one string to his bow, you should be prepared as well. Use A/B testing to find out which subject line performs best. Also experiment with different sender names, e.g. put in your own name to give it a personal touch.

CTA – Let’s dance
That’s not another YMCA dance move (By the way: Never dance YMCA on a rendezvous, unless you are a cowboy or something. Especially the Y is critical, because you should definitely avoid showing your embarrassing armpit stains to your date.) The Call-to-Action is the invitation to taking the next step… like opening your email. Is there something special you have to offer? Then tell people to grab it!

Always show yourself at your best
If one of these strategies worked out for you on your first date, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to make every endeavor the next time.

Maybe you can share some flirt tips yourself that can be brought forward for the purpose of writing better email subject lines. Please leave a comment – we’d love to hear them!

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