You probably know sendplans for the implementation of birthday mailings, follow-up campaigns after a link click or submitting a form. All excellent applications to satisfy your subscribers. However, we believe there are even more possibilities! For this reason, mailworx 9.2 replaces the sendplan module with the mailworx workflow editor. This will give you more flexibility, the possibility to work with more actions and to fully automate multi-level campaigns. The important thing: All your existing sendplans are automatically converted into workflows.


Marketing automation made easy

We think it’s the time for you to start thinking about marketing automation. If you have worked with sendplans, you have already taken a step in the right direction. With the mailworx workflow editor, many new doors are open for you. For example, look at your internal sales process – where is it possible to influence your email marketing positively while saving resources? You will probably find some scenarios that can be easily implemented with the mailworx workflow editor. Here are some ideas for you:

Lead nurturing
Provide your leads with the right information at the right time and shorten your sales process. Info series based on link clicks or other information will satisfy your prospective customers.

Welcome series
Welcome your subscribes and take the chance to learn more about their interests, preferences and buying behavior.

Cross- and up-selling campaigns
Targeted campaigns for existing customers recall your company and will increase your sales success. Use the knowledge about interests and past purchases positively.

Birthday / anniversary campaigns
Special occasions need special attention – sweeten the day of your customers with a nice message or a personal voucher.

Reactivation campaign
Curl your rarely or no longer reacting subscribers with customized offers or additional benefits – fully automated.

The supreme discipline in email marketing

The mailworx workflow editor supports you in an intuitive and efficient way to successfully implement email marketing automation in your company. Through targeted measures, it’s really easy to achieve the big goal in email marketing: the customization of your campaigns. In our blog post – 4 steps to customized email marketing campaigns – we will give you tips to increase the relevance of your mailings in the long term.

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