Videos accompany us through our everyday lives – more than ever. They attract attention and excite the viewers as long as they are well made and have an entertaining or informative content. Of course, you can also use this enthusiasm for your email marketing. By using videos in your campaign, you can provide your subscribers with a variety of content and look forward to increased opening and click rates.

Maybe you already produce videos for your products or services. Surely, you share them on different social media channels or various video platforms. Why not use your email marketing campaigns to bring your produced content to the relevant audience? No matter if it’s an image video, tutorials or customer best practices – give it a try and discover the benefits.

Everything sounds perfect, right? Unfortunately, no – the email clients are the problem. The direct embedding of videos in the email campaign isn’t that easy. On the one hand, clients often deny the playback of videos and on the other hand your recipients have to download the video before watching. This is not a viable solution, especially for mobile devices. With the new video element of mailworx, you perfectly manage the balance between the enthusiasm of videos and an optimal solution regarding to the openings on different email clients.

The mailworx solution

With mailworx 9.2.5 (released on 28/3/2018) we are creating the possibility to integrate YouTube videos into your email marketing campaigns. We say goodbye to the image placeholder in our flexible templates and welcome the practical media placeholder. Once integrated into your custom newsletter template, you can easily integrate a YouTube video into your email campaigns.

It’s so easy to use: Enter a YouTube link, select a play button and define whether you want to play the video in the web version of your campaign or directly on the video platform. The picture for your placeholder will automatically be generated form the respective thumbnail of the uploaded video including the selected play button.

You also want to take the advantage of integrating videos in your email marketing campaign? Get in touch with our mailworx service crew and we will find the optimal solution for your current newsletter template.

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