A well-structured guideline with a strategic background supports you to create successful email marketing campaigns. We will show you how to get the most out of your mailings with a carefully considered content strategy.

Benefit from an implemented content strategy

Content strategy has become more and more important in the recent years. Without a strategic approach, your content won’t reach the desired efficiency. In order to be able to produce content successfully in the long term, you should deal with your own content strategy intensively. Not only that you gain a strategic and well thought roadmap, you will also create an important basis for the editorial content of your email marketing campaigns.

Of course, issues such as the definition of the target group or the sending frequency as well as other strategic decisions of your email marketing are playing an important role in this context. However, now we will concentrate on the planning process of your content strategy.

Let’s build a house

The strategic planning behind the content of your email marketing campaigns forms the foundation of your content marketing activities. Just imagine, you have to build a house out of your content. What are the central topics that your target group is concerned with? These will be the foundation of your communication and the central focus of all your communicative actions.

What your company, product or services are standing for will fill the individual rooms of your house. Building a successful house, of course, also needs a roof. This, for example, can include your vision to stand above all your communication to your target group. It is also possible to cover the roof with your communication guidelines, which also have to be integrated into the concept of your content strategy. Do you already have a picture in your head? Draw it down right away.

During the development process of your content strategy, there will already come a few topics for your newsletter in your mind. Document them in an editorial plan, to keep these ideas in mind, when you have to fill your regularly mailings with content. The strategically and thoughtful topics are also available for your communication on other channels – so the planning in advance is worthwhile twice.

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