Surveys help you to get into a direct dialogue with your customers. They provide important insights to your target group and have the positive effect that clients feel appreciated when they are asked for their opinion. Overall, the survey is a great way to get a clue about the current mood of your audience on a particular topic.

You can also generate all these benefits of a survey within your newsletter. In addition, you benefit from the automated evaluation options and can use the collected data to enrich your subscriber profile in order to get to know your target group even better. Compared to a traditional telephone survey, email surveys are a lot cheaper and resource-efficient.

Applications for your survey via newsletter

There are many areas of application where you can gain the important opinion of your target audience with a customer survey. Surely, you already have questions in your head that could be asked to your costumers or prospects. In addition, we’ve summarized some practical examples for you.

Newsletter content
It is obvious that a newsletter survey is suitable to check the attitude of the readers towards your mailing content. With a few simple questions, you can easily check whether the needs or expectations of the subscribers match your included topics. Additionally to the current mood, you can also gain topic suggestions from your readers, which will help you enormously with the future planning of your content.

Customer satisfaction
One of your goals is to retain customers in the long term. In order to achieve this goal, it is also important that you have an overview of the current mood of your target group. With a customer satisfaction survey, you can gain valuable insights on the opinions of your customers and, in the next step, you can define important measures for a further increase of the satisfaction.

Service quality
An important pillar for the success of your company is the service you offer to your customers or prospects? Ask your respective target group how they perceive the quality of this service at the moment and where there may still be place for improvement. Not only that you get important insights into your customers’ perception, they also feel valued and happy to share their opinion.

Product development
You may be constantly working on a new product or service and eventually want to expand your current product with additional features. In such cases, it is particularly important to know the needs of the respective target group. Is your idea actually what the potential customers need? Often we think that we know our audience quite well – a survey can put this subjective opinion into well-founded numbers.

Success factors of meaningful surveys

Do you already have an idea for the survey in your head? In order to complete the process successful, you must pay attention to a few important basic components. We have summarized the most important tips for a successful implementation:

  • Define a specific goal for your survey.
  • Select the right audience to get the desired result.
  • Keep both – the survey as well as the questions – short and concise.
  • Announce the approximate duration of the survey in advance.
  • Create an incentive (sweepstakes, exclusive content, etc.) to generate more participants.
  • Communicate the benefits for the customer already in the subject line.
  • Thank your customers for their opinion and treat the results with respect.
  • Work intensively on the available evaluations.
  • Derive concrete measures from the result.

How to implement your idea with mailworx

The setting is up and now you’re wondering how to implement it with your newsletter software mailworx? Of course, we are there to support you with your plan. There are several ways in mailworx how to implement a successful survey for your subscribers. We differentiate between simpler click surveys and context-intensive form surveys.

Handle click surveys with mailworx
Click surveys are very easy to integrate in your newsletter. They are particularly suitable for a quick opinion request on a specific topic. The corresponding survey is implemented directly in your newsletter with a short question including given answer options. These answer options are linked to a landing page, such as a thank you page. The evaluation of the respective results can be done via email campaign statistic as well as the statistic filters as part of a workflow.

Process form surveys with mailworx
Do you have more than one question that you would like to ask your target audience? Then it is best to use a form in order to implement the survey into your newsletter. With the mailworx form editor, you have many options available to present the respective questions in an appealing environment.

The results of the survey can be downloaded via Excel export and used for further evaluations. In addition, the corresponding values of your subscribers can be easily stored in the subscriber database in order to use them for your future email marketing activities.

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