How to increase your email frequency – without being annoying

Some marketers send email newsletters once in a quarter. Some once a month, others every two weeks and some much more often. The goal is always the same: that your brand is the first in mind for a certain keyword you want to be associated with.

There is no general answer how often you should send emails. But there are some tips that can help you finding your interval for effective email marketing.

How often to send email newsletters

Send email newsletters only, when you have something interesting to say!

The most important rule is to stay relevant. Therefore, the content you produce has to be relevant to your audience. Not to you! To your audience! People unsubscribe if the content is just advertising and boring without a value to the reader.

Use trigger mails

Opening rates of trigger mails are twice as high as they are in normal newsletters. Why? They are much more individual than impersonal mass emails. So if you have the chance to send email newsletters with individual content depending on the behavior of the audience you should do it. To keep your effort as low as possible, try to automate this process wherever possible.

Use events and surprise

Many industries have several seasons. Use seasonal events for telling your story in particular ways. Use the details you know about your subscribers: Celebrate their birthday by sending your best wishes or the day they registered for your service, send special offers on occasion of the World Women’s Day or share new features and free resources for the product they recently bought with them. There are plenty of ways to conjure a smile on your subscribers’ faces instead of getting on their nerves.

Be specific

Match your content to your target audience! Let’s say Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you want to approach both – men and women – with your offers. How about creating a campaign for the gentlemen – who are usually not taking Valentine’s Day quite that serious – with last minute offers and valentine gifts for their sweet hearts or a list of funny excuses to calm her down? Continuing this idea you might send a campaign to the ladies encouraging them to reward themselves – with lovely things or a nice holiday trip.
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