Is there a perfect time for sending email newsletters? We’ve analyzed more than a billion emails to give you an answer to this common question in email marketing.

The likelihood that your email gets opened decreases rapidly, actually, within the first hours after sending. For this reason, the choice of the right moment for sending your emails is crucial, because it has a big influence on email opening rates and click-through-rates, thus, on the success of your email campaigns.

Offset between the time of sending and opening

One of the most important questions is how much time passes between sending a newsletter and the point of time, subscribers open the email. Almost half of all emails are opened within the first four hours. After one day, 80% of all openings have already taken place.

The best weekday for sending email newsletters

Is there more attention for emails sent during weekdays, or do subscribers spend more time in reading newsletters on weekends? The research results demonstrate the differences between b2b and b2c communication. While the highest opening and click-through-rates among business customers could be measured on Wednesdays, the most active day of consumers is the Saturday. Most b2b emails are sent on Tuesdays, whereas for b2c it is Saturday again.
The best day to send email newsletters

Opening rates and clicks in the course of the day

Looking at the average opening rates, achieved at different times of the day, the differences between the b2b und b2c segments become obvious. The highest opening rates among business customers could be tracked during the day, whereas consumers are more likely to open their emails in the evening hours.

In the b2b segment, most of the emails – 52.17 % – are sent in the forenoon between 6 and 12 am, and 39.08 % in the afternoon between 12 and 6 o’clock. 39.3 % of all emails to consumers are sent after 6pm, 20.7 % in the morning and 33.3 % in the afternoon.

The role of the audience

Even though the results of the research can be taken as guideline and give you some clues and ideas, you still have to verify them for yourself. There is no general statement possible – depending on the target group you would like to address, the situation and the answer to the question “What is the best time for sending email newsletters” can be very different.

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