When do you send your newsletters to the respective subscribers? Do you have a plan based on your own or third-party analyzes and experiences, or – as so often happens – is it without appropriate considerations. Let’s be honest to ourselves: We often send the newsletters at the time we finally have managed to finish it. Text created, graphics implemented, final approval – let’s click on the “send” button of your email marketing software.

mailworx have analyzed and evaluated more than 360 million emails during the period from April 2017 to Mai 2018 in order to find the ideal time for sending your emails. We have not only determined the best weekdays with the highest opening and click rates, but also confirmed once again that the time for sending your emails have a huge impact on the success of your campaigns. Nearly half of the openings are made within the first four hours and after one day approximately 80 percent of the openings have taken place.

Days with the most openings & clicks

Looking at all evaluated email campaigns – without a special look at the individual business sectors – turns out that Thursday is the best day for sending your emails if you consider the opening rates. Most openings (16.52 % of all opened emails) happen on this day. Whereas, the majority of all clicks (18.96 %) are happening on Wednesday. Comparing the b2b with the b2c segment, the difference in results due to different target groups become clear. Most emails – overall 37.73 % – will be sent out in all business sectors on a Wednesday. Based on the opening and click rates, email campaigns in the b2b segment are gaining high KPIs when they are sent on Tuesday or Thursday. For end users, according to the research results, sending on Sunday is recommended.

Not only the appropriate day of the week, but also the chosen time for sending your campaigns can be crucial. For example, the average opening rate is higher in the afternoon compared to the forenoon. The click rates also show a similar picture. The best average values are reached in the afternoon between 1 and 6 pm as well as in the evening hours.

Do not forget: You know your recipients best

Of course, we have prepared the research results with the best of our knowledge, but they do not allow a general statement for exactly your company. The evaluated campaigns are spread across all industries and are split between b2b (share approx. 60 %) and b2c (share approx. 40 %) segment. The results of the study are intended as a guideline, but you know your recipients best. Use the statistics of your past campaigns and test for yourself to gain the best results for your target group.

You can download the complete study including further results as well as the information on the perfect send time for your newsletters at www.mailworx.info/en/newsletter-tutorial/research-best-time-to-send-mailings.

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