Personalization is playing an ever-increasing role in marketing. Personalized mails record much higher opening rates than non-personalized newsletters. Nevertheless, many companies disregard this aspect. This is the chance for you to stand out of the crowd and enthuse your clients with personal address and individual offers. Learn more about how to use personalization in your mail campaigns and attract attention in your client’s inbox.

Human beings attach importance to individuality and personality. This is why your mails should no longer start with ‘Dear Sir or Madam’. For sure you also have enough information about your customer which you can use for marketing cause. In order to address your recipients personally it takes more than just calling them by name.

Elements of personalization

#1: subject and preview line

The first step of personalizing your mailings is to choose the right subject and preview line. A personal subject attracts attention and makes sure that you are seen in the inbox. Especially by touching upon your clients’ interests, you can intrigue them. This leads to higher opening rates as well as increasing chances to reach the goals you defined for your campaign.

#2: content

Of course, the content of your newsletter should be personalized too. Imagine a subject like ‘We have the shoes consistent with your summer dress, Mary!’ catches your attention, but as soon as you open the mail, all you get are standardized phrases and offers. For a consistent overall picture, it is important to personalize the content of the mail as well. If there is a lack of data of some customers, make sure to create a fallback form of address.

#3: sender

To choose the right consignor is also important for the performance of your campaigns. If the recipient is in touch with your company, for example with your customer service staff, this employee should be the sender of your email. Therefore, the employee has to know the subject of the newsletter in order to help the customer if they come up with questions. Do not use fake names as senders, as this will lead to loss of trust.

Also, ‘no reply’-senders are not an option, because most of these mails are deleted unread. This will not just have negative effects on your opening and click rates but also on the authenticity of your company. Personalizing your mails by using a real consignor will strengthen the relationship between you and your customers.

Grant freedom of choice

People love the feeling of decision-making independence and like to be in control of everything. Why not use this instinct and offer your clients the freedom to choose the rate of your newsletter themselves?

This can hold advantages for you, too: if you note, that most of your customers only want to get your news once a month, you can reduce the frequency of your transmissions as well as your costs. By this you get the chance to learn more about your clients, which in turn leads to better personalization.

Moreover, you should let your customers decide which of their data you use on which purpose. In the course of the GDPR, the so-called double-opt-in status ensures legal security.

Pay attention to individuality

It is no longer a secret that the recipients perceive personalized emails as better. You should use all the data you have of your clients to create the most individual contents. For example, your customer bought a new summer dress in your online shop, you can use this information already in your subject line: ‘Did you find the right shoes to your summer dress, Miss Baker?’. The personalization can also be placed in the call-to-action buttons.

These buttons lead to a landing page. By personalizing these buttons, the chance for the customer to click the link will increase because this arouses a feeling of exclusivity. This not only attracts attention but also makes the recipient curious. The probability that he will visit your website or online shop is getting higher, too.

Pictures and videos can be personalized as well. But you should group your recipients by gender as women and men react differently regarding visual attractions.

Tips for successful personalization at a glance:

  • Keep your data up to date
  • Group your recipients
  • Guarantee legal protection
  • Grant freedom of choice
  • Ensure automated data management

With our individual templates and the use of all personal data, you can surely make your newsletter marketing more successful and increase your revenue.

But there’s more than that: Using the potential of personalized videos in your campaigns tops it all off. Placing individual elements in videos creates a completely new level of identification. Contact our mailworx service crew for further information on this subject. We are there to support you across the whole implementing process.

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