Thinking of forms in combination with email marketing, the newsletter registration is THE example when it comes to a perfect cooperation between your newsletter software and the website. mailworx supports you in the perfect implementation and provides you with various options to integrate the newsletter registration form on your website. With the mailworx form editor, the technical component is simple, but what about the content-related aspects? We will show you the ultimate tricks for optimizing the newsletter subscription on your website, in order to get more subscribers.

Score with arguments that plead for your newsletter

Similar to the regular mailings, you have to score with relevance also at the newsletter subscription. List arguments that speak for your newsletter and let the future subscribers know what they can expect from your mailings. An additional benefit that convinces interested parties should also become an essential part of your newsletter registration. This may be, for example, the sending of exclusive content (e.g. a study, whitepaper, etc.) or a discount code. On the one hand, you increase the incentive to register, on the other hand you can also increase the possibility of a purchase or conclusion. Create expectations for your emails – but also fulfil them. In order to prevent misunderstandings, you can also explain the further process (e.g. the dispatch of a double opt in mailing) of your registration.

Data economy has top priority

In addition to the extra incentives, also form fields are a critical success factor of your newsletter subscription. The biggest hurdle for every consumer is the disclosure of personal data. Therefore, carefully select the fields of your form and arrange them logically and structured. Required fields should be characterized as such and pay attention to an appropriate use of them. In general, the motto is: Keep it simple, stupid. Registration forms with a large number of form fields often deter. So it is essential to choose the right time form collecting the data. In the case of a newsletter subscription, the request of an email address is sufficient in the first step. To get to know your subscribers better, you can request further data as part of a welcome mailing.

Make sure to be found – online as well as offline

The placement of the newsletter subscription plays an important role when it comes to the generation of new subscribers. Visibility is crucial, so the form should be as easy to find on your website as possible. Therefore, you can place it on different positions. In addition to the classic registration page, you can also use the footer of your website or a corporate blog to gain more subscriptions. Also use other forms, such as the request form or another registration process. By adding a checkbox, you can let your prospects choose whether they want to receive a newsletter or not.

When using email marketing, you automatically think of different online channels to promote your subscription. However, don’t forget about the potential of the offline world. The link to your registration form can be easily integrated on your flyers, folders or other marketing materials. In addition, think about the one-to-one-communication. Educate your employees who are in direct contact with potential subscribers to point out that there is a newsletter subscription on your website.

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