When you want to optimize your email performance, you have to take the insights you get from analyzing the most important email marketing metrics and use this knowledge. One of the biggest advantages of email marketing is that we are able to track the way subscribers are consuming our email campaigns or specific content.
But what can we learn from it? Sometimes it can be a tough challenge to interpret the data correctly and to derive a suitable action plan from it. The following tips will help you to identify the influence factors for email key performance indicators and will give you some ideas on how to improve open rates and click-through-rates.
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Expert-approved ways to increase open rates in email marketing

Write better subject lines

Definitely, the subject line is one of the most important influence factors for the open rate. Read this blog post to get more tips on writing better email subject lines. In addition, don’t forget to use an eye-catching pre-header to express the benefit of the email campaign for your readers.

A/B testing increases email open rates

A/B Testing is an easy and effective way to increase email open rates or even click through rates. The only extra effort you have to invest is to come up with another subject line you want to use as alternative for the first one. Determine whether the winner subject line should be the one with the higher open rate or click rate. We recommend to choose a runtime for the test, which is not shorter than half a day to give the majority of the subscribers in the test groups the chance to respond to your email campaign, before the winner campaign is sent to the rest of the recipients. A longer A/B test runtime will make the result more significant.

Good timing for sending email campaigns

The day and the time of the day you send your email campaign influences open rates as well. Half of the opens take place within the first four hours after sending your email. Afterwards, the probability that somebody opens it rapidly drops. When is your target group active? Generally speaking, B2B customers show more attention at the end of the working week, whereas end-consumers are more active on the weekends. Actually, you’ll have to find out the best time to send your newsletters yourself and see what works best. Think about using subscriber-related data or behavior as trigger for sending your campaigns, whenever it is possible (e.g. the birth date, clicking a link, downloading a whitepaper), because triggered campaigns are opened far more often than others.

How important are email open rates?

The open rate alone doesn’t tell much about the success of your email campaign. It is more important to put the focus on the things, that happen afterwards. Did your subscribers really read your email and were the topics interesting enough to get your subscribers’ attention and clicks? The click-to-open-rate and read-to-open-rate can give you good insights. Even if your open rates are rather average, that doesn’t have to mean that nobody takes attention of your campaigns. When you send your email campaigns frequently, you have a bigger chance that you will stick in the recipient’s mind.

It is important to know, that the quality of data in your subscriber database has a major influence on email open rates. Outdated data can also cause high bounce rates. Are you sure that you’ve obtained the consent of each subscriber, that allows you to send campaigns to their email address? We recommend against buying address databases for your email campaigns, because it is difficult to evaluate the quality of those lists. It is better to invest time and money in growing your email lists, using owned media like your website, corporate blog or other online channels to generate leads.

Ideas to get more clicks in your emails

The click-through-rate is one of the most important key performance indicators in email marketing. But what can you do, if your subscribers’ won’t click? Read our blog post and get more clicks in your emails than ever.

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