Images and graphics can easily shape your mailings more appealing. Even if images are not immediately visible to all readers, one thing is clear: images in email marketing campaigns are indispensable. However, you have to consider a few important success factors for a successful use of them.

Use pictures cleverly

Images can transfer information more quickly than a text, they stay in the mind of your readers and create emotions. In short: pictures are selling. However, in order to create successful campaigns, you must insist on a clever use of images. For example, look for a consistent imagery that corresponds to the corporate design of your company as well as the used newsletter template. Do not forget to place a recognition value, like the company logo or the key visual of a campaign.

The use of pictures should not be exaggerated. Too many images or colors will cause disquiet within your campaigns and damage your click rates. Use photos, graphics or icons in a useful way to support the content of your mailings. Your subscribers often overfly newsletters and with pictures, you can influence the progress of this scanning process. For example, by the viewing direction of a person on a picture, you can control where your subscriber is looking.

You should use the file formats JPEG, GIF or PNG – others should better be avoided, because they are often not supported. The mailworx campaign editor helps you with the picture size. It shows you the optimal dimensions of the picture within the placeholder in your newsletter template. In principle, mind that the file size should be kept as small as possible.

Your mailing should work without images

Images are not automatically loaded and displayed by all your recipients’ clients. For this reason, it is especially important that your mailing works without the images. The text should only be supported by the use of pictures, not replaced. Elemental messages should not be hidden in graphic elements.

Additionally, work with meaningful alternative texts. These can be deposited at the respective image and are displayed instead of the image, if it is not loaded. It is also useful to offer your newsletter in a web version. Therefore, your subscribers have the possibility to view your mailing complete without downloading the images in a web browser.

Don’t forget the mobile openings

It’s no secret: The number of mobile openings grows continuously. Therefore, it is important to display images optimally on mobile devices. A responsive design of your newsletter templates is indispensable. Only this ensures to avoid display problems in your mailings.

Keep in mind that your campaigns are also opened on smartphones or tablets. Images are usually not loaded automatically and viewed on a smaller screen. Additionally, do not forget the file size of your pictures. This factor is especially relevant on mobile devices. It either affects the data volume of your receivers and causes extended loading times of your email.

Beware yourself of the SPAM trap

Even before your newsletter ends up in the mailboxes of your subscribers, an unconsidered use of images can negatively affect your email marketing KPIs. With a disproportionate text-image-relation, the probability of your mailing being classified as SPAM is very high. Professional email marketing systems such as mailworx check this before sending your emails to the desired mailing list.

Think carefully about the use of images. Text elements should remain as text. Do not implement text in images and better use buttons for call-to-actions, instead of placing them on images. This allows you to make sure that the core message of your marketing campaign is displayed to all recipients and on the other hand, you can avoid the SPAM trap.

The importance of images in email marketing campaigns is undisputed. With our tips, you can ensure a successful use of pictures. In addition to classic photos, graphics or icons, mailworx also offers two new options you should try within your mailings.

High-resolution images
Your mailings are opened on numerous different devices, which have different displays. Particularly in the recent years, more and more high-resolution displays are on the market. Images with a lower resolution will lose quality and will be blurred on the new screens if they are not designed for the high density of pixels. mailworx offers you the possibility to choose whether images should be integrated in high resolution or not.
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Animated GIFs
With perfectly integrated animated GIFs, you can easily loosen up your email marketing campaigns. Usually only a small movement is enough to gain more attention from your subscribers. The positive thing about that: More attention at the same time means higher click rates. With mailworx, you can easily integrate animated GIFs into your email marketing campaigns – try it on your own and let the results convince you.
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