Corona crisis controls everything these days. Shops are closed, streets are empty and most of us are working from home. Not only that we are not used to this situation, entrepreneurs are also sleepless because of the loss of sales due to the closure of their businesses.

However, why shouldn’t we profit from the crisis and use free resources for new strategies and unused channels? Digital marketing, especially email marketing, benefits from the fact that most people are at home or working from home. This leads to a change in their usage behavior which in turn leads to increasing email marketing KPIs.

This fact should not be left unused and you should count on newsletter in your marketing strategy more than ever. In this article, we show you how to use marketing automation efficiently in this context. We show you, how you can react to customer inquiries even in home office and give you some concrete examples how to use email to communicate effectively these days.

Full customer service with automated newsletters

Maybe you already use welcome series for new newsletter subscribers or you send automated birthday wishes to your customers. You already made a step into the right direction but these days you should go further – especially regarding the limited resources.

#1 Lead generation

People stay at home these days and are online – and so are your customers, too. Let’s pretend a website visitor clicks a call-to-action button or a link on your website because he found something interesting and wishes for more information. He gets to a landing page that contains a form that he should fill out in order to get the information he wishes for as a download.

Of course, you cannot send the download manually to each user that filled out the form. Automate this process by mapping the single steps in a workflow before.

Lead generation

#2 Lead segmentation

Use automation for segmenting your leads by means of different criteria. By doing this, you are able to address them effectively as well as targeted. Segmentation can be made by downloaded content, demographic criteria or interaction with your website content. Set your creativity free and set the appropriate processes in a way they will enable you to address your customer individually.

In mailworx you can set in the workflows how to segment your contacts and which target groups they should be assigned to.

Lead segmentation

#3 Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process where a lead or a simple contact is turned into a customer. In order to accompany a lead on his way it is important to address him along the whole customer journey and to incite him to buy. Lead nurturing can be so easy with marketing automation. If you maintain your contacts, you have enough data you can use for targeted and personal address. This makes it possible to give the interested party that information he wishes for in the right moment and to send for example info series based on link clicks.

Address your contacts personally: Use text components that are replaced by the personal data of your customers.

Lead nurturing

#4 Lead scoring

Lead scoring means the valuation of company contacts regarding sales opportunities. Thereby interested parties are segmented by their probability to become a loyal customer. Lead scoring is the basis for successful lead nurturing and therefor is an important part of lead management. This challenge can be easily managed with marketing automation. Simply define criteria for a lead to fulfill in order to be set as A-, B- or C-customer.

The workflow indicates the process that automatically segments the lead into different target groups depending on the criteria.

Lead scoring

How you also should use email these days

However, we should not only care for gaining new customers but also for keeping existing clients. Also our employees need more information these days so that they can work effectively. In the following we give you a few examples of how you could use emails efficiently in your regular communication.

Targeted customer information in times of uncertainty

Especially in times like these, it is important to inform customers about changes, for example in opening hours, and to keep them up-to-date.

The quickest and most effective way to contact your customers ‘personally’ is via email. The various opportunities of personalization that professional newsletter tools like mailworx offer, make your customers feel personally supported. Keep your customers during this crisis and use email not only for communication but also for selling your products or services via newsletter. Especially those of you that already have an online shop should make use of that.

Nevertheless, those of you that just started selling online because of the situation can make use of automated email marketing campaigns in order to increase sales. Send targeted emails that contain further information about a product based on the link clicks in your sales newsletters and make use of the reader’s attention.

Regular exchange even in home office

For many employees it is different to work from home and not being able to exchange with their colleagues on a daily basis. Inform your employees even in home office about important news and keep your colleagues up-to-date.

Delight your employees by sending a nice saying or a funny picture via email. You can even send such emails automated. For example, you can make an info series where you provide helpful tips for working from home to your colleagues, so they feel supported and know that they can count on you even in difficult times.

Email as most reliable channel in times of crisis

Many news about the Corona crisis turn out to be fake. Especially social media platforms and social messaging services are vulnerable for such fake news. Email turns out to be the most reliable channel once more regarding news about the Corona crisis.

We hope that you already know about the advantages of using newsletter marketing in your marketing strategy. Exceptional situations and times likes these show once more how important email still is for communicating – especially when we are not able to communicate personally.

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