Your organization has a full event calendar? Get support from mailworx and simplify the communication with your event guests before and after the event in every aspect. You can plan campaigns in advance, automate confirmations with status information and work with individual subscriber groups that are perfectly aligned with your activities. Today we will show you the most important differences between the classic email communication for an event and the efficient mailworx event management.

Registration: Define a fix amount of participants & automate your waiting list activities

The registration for your event can easily be handled via mailworx form. Use classic subscriber fields, such as first name, last name and email address, as well as event-related form fields, which could, for example, record the menu choice or the selection of lectures. The confirmation of the registration can be connected with the form by the mailworx workflow editor or an event dependent campaign and so it is automatically sent after the participant submits the registration.

The registration is also possible with the classic tools of mailworx – it will get really exciting when it comes to the management of your participants. Registered persons will become part of your guest list and you have, for example, the opportunity to set a maximum number of participants and the deadline for registration. In addition, define whether there should be a waiting list and which messages should be automatically sent to the applicants. You can also determine whether you want to allow companions or not and what data you want to collect from them.

Communication: Adapt the automated communication to the respective target groups

By automating all communication steps before and after the event, you make your event management even more efficient. In our event management tool, we have listed the most important steps in your communication process – all you have to do is assign the right campaign.

The date for your event has been fixed – simply inform your participants about that, so they can also reserve the appointment in their calendar. Create an attractive campaign that contains the most important details about your event and integrate the automatically generated calendar appointment, which captures the date, time and location of your event.

Send your invitations via email to the respective persons. Of course, you can also combine the offline invitation, for example by the postal way, with the online communication channel. Simply use the same application form, which can be integrated on your website. Through the combination, you can refer to the offline invitation again in the email and remind your invitees to submit their registration.

You probably know it from yourself: It is good to be reminded a week before the event. Remind your registered persons of the event a few days before the actual date. Take the opportunity to increase the anticipation even more and let your participants get the most important details about the location, parking facilities and, if necessary, their personal ticket.

The event was a complete success and with a follow-up campaign, you have the chance to share the most appealing impressions with your participants. For example, you can integrate a picture gallery, the download of the lectures or take the chance of an online survey to get feedback

With a professional email marketing tool like mailworx, you can schedule the campaigns right after completion for the respective delivery time. It’s best to work with the individual subscriber groups of the mailworx event management tool. For example, you have a group of invited subscribers with no reaction, already registered participants and for the follow-up campaigns, you have your own group of the actual attendees of the event.

Status: Live reporting of the registration status

With the mailworx event management tool, you will get the perfect overview of the current registration status. How many people have already registered for your event, are there participants on the waiting list and which invited subscribers are not responding or have cancelled the invitation? Exactly this information is clearly displayed in the live report of the mailworx event management add-on.

Event: Personalized tickets enable professional check-in

Send the automated registration confirmation right away with a digital ticket including the QR code for the participant registration. The ticket will be automatically generated on the basis of the event information and details of the participating guest. This ticket is available to the visitor as a pdf download.

For a hassle-free reception of the guests, we offer the mailworx event management app. By scanning the QR code on the individual ticket or selecting from the digital list, you register the attendees as participants. Even unregistered visitors can be easily added.

Sounds good, right? Get the mailworx event management add-on and benefit from the classic processes as well as the additional features that are perfectly matched to your requirements in the communication before and after your events as well as to the management of your participants. All information is available at

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