mailworx 9.1 is now ready to use for all mailworx users. In addition to the provided new features, we’ve made mailworx even more secure in the past months. The required certificates are acquired, successfully integrated and tested – the entire communication in mailworx now runs optimally via the security protocol HTTPS.

HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure and is the secure communication protocol in the World Wide Web. Up to now, important data, such as the login information or the data import, have already been transmitted via the secure transfer protocol. From now on, all functionalities of mailworx use this security standard. Through the successful encryption and authentication, you can be sure that the communication between the server and client is kept confidential.

By the way, the secure communication also works with the automated import of mailworx. In addition to HTTP and FTP, you also have the option to transfer data automatically via HTTPS links or SFTP servers to mailworx. With the automated import, you can easily build a up-to-date data base – simply try it out and benefit from the time saving.

Clever use of animated GIFs

We also have the perfect highlight for each of your campaigns: Animated GIFs. Clever used animated graphics make it easy to loosen up your email marketing campaigns. In our whitepaper, we have summarized some ideas and the most important information about the client support. Start using it on your own: Get more attention from your subscribers through small animations and look forward to increasing your click rates.

Perfect synergy: Digital content & email marketing

mailworx 9.1 comes with a  practical new connector. The assetArea connector creates perfect synergies between your digital content and mailworx. All provided content – whether it’s pictures, documents, video or audio files – can be easily imported from the digital asset management software assetArea into the media database of mailworx. There, you’ve got all known possibilities of your email marketing software to integrate the imported content optimally into your mailings. Learn more about all mailworx integrations.

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