IP addresses are an important element for the communication between networks. You may have heard about them in connection with websites or the IT infrastructure in your company. Who would have thought that these unique addresses are also important for the field of email marketing. But that’s exactly how it is. Especially when it comes to sending your campaign, they play an essential role.

The IP address in the context of email marketing reflects the quality – or reputation – of the sender and is used for each transmission for a successful dispatch to the recipient. If emails are frequently blocked by SPAM filters or marked by the user as SPAM, this has a negative effect on the reputation of the IP address and thus also for the sender. This can lead to a bed delivery rate. The delivery rate is an important quality factor in email marketing in addition to the classic KPIs, such as the opening and click rate.

If you use a professional newsletter tool like mailworx, you have basically two options for dealing with IP addresses. You can opt for a shared IP or an IP address that is only used by yourself. We explain the difference within this blogpost.

Shared IP

With a shared IP address, multiple senders share the same dispatch network. In this case, we provide powerful servers that can handle several data packages from different customers at the same time. The shared IP address has already earned a good reputation in the past and therefore a positive impact on the delivery for all senders.

The advantages for you are mainly economic. There is no need to build up a complex infrastructure and you can access an existing solution. On the one hand, this will reflect in the costs as well as the effort of the establishment and maintenance. However, you share the provided resources with other customers. In other words, this means that in addition to your own mailings also the mailings of the others influence the reputation of the used IP address.

Incidentally, this is our standard solution for setting up your email marketing account. We provide you with the infrastructure and the required IP address, which you share with our other customers. We always keep an eye on the development of the reputation of our IP addresses. If necessary, we intervene to ensure the best possible delivery for your mailings.

Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP address will only be assigned to a single sender. Therefore, it is only used for sending the corresponding mailings of this account and won’t be affected by other dispatches. A new IP address does not have a reputation at the time of the launch and has to gain a good quality status first.

The advantages in this case are the single use of the resources. Since the corresponding IP address is only available for your dispatches, you can control the reputation or the quality by yourself. However, building up your own technical resources will cause a higher initial and maintenance effort, which is reflected in the costs.

We offer you the dedicated IP as an alternative to the standard shared IP address. If you decide for this variant, we support you within the “warm-up” phase of your new IP address. You do not have to earn your reputation from the scratch, but benefit from our good quality status.

The decision about choosing a shared or dedicated IP address is up to you and depends on your goals as well as the defined email marketing strategy. In addition, do not forget that the deliverability of your newsletter is influenced by many other factors and the IP address is only one of many criteria.

You want to know more about this topic? Our mailworx service crew will be happy to serve you with further details and help you to decide for the best possible solution for your business case.

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