We’ve met the head of marketing at mailworx to talk about email marketing. In our exclusive interview, Melanie Wimmer talks about the processes at mailworx and answers important newsletter questions.

Since there is so much to talk about, we split the interview into two topics. Today we talk about the classic newsletter and next time it’s all about automated campaigns. The mix of both makes email marketing communication at mailworx perfect.

How important is the newsletter for mailworx?

The newsletter as a marketing channel has a very high priority to us – not only because we are an email marketing software provider. Naturally, we also pursue our own strategic goals. Our regular newsletter provides our users with the latest information on our functionally. It is also very important to us that we place ourselves among our leads as well as customers as an expert on the field of email marketing. The knowledge transfer should not only be given during the support calls and emails through our support team, but also in the newsletter.

That’s why we decided to send a newsletter once a month to our subscribers. On the one hand, we chose this frequency because of limited resources and time. Furthermore, we also want to have space for irregular newsletters with special topics. These special newsletters are short mailings on a certain topic. Especially when we release new features, we want to provide our users with useful practical examples and targeted information.

How does mailworx get new newsletter subscribers?

We have very good experiences with a spread mix of ways to generate newsletter subscribers. The registration for the mailworx e-news is placed very prominently on the website as well as on various offline advertising material. In addition, we also promote it on our social media channels and through Google Ads campaigns. Especially targeted Facebook ads bring us many high quality recipients. At the moment we are working a lot with Facebook Lead Ads, where there is also an interface to mailworx – the route to the subscriber database is automated this way.

How about planning your newsletter topics?

Personally, I’m a fan of planning in the long term and with a strategic background. I can recommend this to everyone, in order to gain more success for your product or the brand of the company. The newsletter is a key element of our content strategy. The content of the mailings also affect many other areas, such as the website, the blog or even social media. Every six months, I plan what content we would like to communicate and divide it up into the respective months. Of course, I also keep free space for short-term adjustments, current topics and release information.

These considerations are the basis of my editorial plan. Really old-fashioned I’m doing this still in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. At the beginning of each month, I substantiate my ideas and define the actual topics as well as the associated measures. Which blog post needs to be written? Is there an exciting reference story we can present? Are there any new features that require newsletter tutorials?

Does mailworx work with a segmentation of different target groups?

All in all we have two different target groups. On the one hand, we have the mailworx users who are already familiar with our system and on the other hand, we have our leads that are not working with the software at the moment. We try to cover the majority of the interests of both target groups in the regular newsletter. Therefore, we work a lot with general tips on the topic of email marketing. Whereas we are using less classic usage descriptions or advertising slogans.

Of course, that’s not always possible. Often we have special information that is only interesting for our users or we address the target groups in different ways. Therefore, we mainly work with dynamic subscriber groups and sections that are only shown to the appropriate recipients.

What about regular analysis of the results?

We rely on regular evaluations as well as a detailed look at the results every half year. About two weeks after sending the newsletter to its subscribers, I’m using the mailworx statistic tool to get an overview of the results. I collect the most important information in an Excel file and compare it with the outcome of the recent months. This allows me to respond flexibly to chances as well as the interests of the users. In addition to the classic KPIs, I’m analyzing the clicks on the links in order to get a feeling for the interests of our readers.

The detailed view every half year should show me a course of the results. In addition, I also focus on specific areas such as the dispatch time or the subject line. The results in the content area are incorporated directly into the long-term and strategic content planning.

Something you want to tell as at the end of the interview?

I would also use email marketing as a marketing channel, even if I would not work in an company who is offering the appropriate software. Which other communication channel can already claim to have the consent of the recipients as well as the targeted opportunity to respond to activities of the subscriber individually.

The important thing is to get away from sending the same message to all subscribers at the time you have finished the newsletter. In my opinion, automated campaigns as well as interfaces to other systems play an important role as well. However, there will be more about these topics in the second part.

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