You already operate professional email marketing to provide your customers and prospects with relevant information about your product or service. Why not use this potential for communication within your company? The employees are the most important asset in a company. By sending internal newsletters, you can easily get in touch with the people and provide them with all relevant information.

This open communication culture appeals to employees and plays an important role not only in large companies or transnational cooperation. Even small companies can benefit from the real-time transmission of relevant information to the appropriate target group within your company.

Advantages of internal communication via newsletter

  • It’s a simple, fast and efficient way to get in touch with your employees.
  • By using a newsletter template in the corporate design of the company, you radiate professionalism.
  • The open communication of relevant topics connects the employees closely to the company.
  • All affected people can be reached simultaneously with little effort.
  • The statistics provide an overview of whom you have reached with the information.

Application examples for internal newsletters

There are many different ways in which you can align the content of internet newsletters in order to satisfy your employees. We want to support you in the brainstorming process and therefore summarized classic examples for you.

Regular news from the company
Provide your employees with the latest news from your company on a regular basis. Define the dispatch frequency individually and follow the appropriate weekly or monthly cycle. For example, these internal newsletters may contain a few words about new customers or the status of ongoing projects. In addition, you can announce employee events and handle the registration of them via newsletter.

Communication of internal rules
When time goes by there is appearing important information for employees within the company. Whether it’s an organizational change, upcoming constructions or just meal plans. You can include relevant topics in short newsletters and send them directly to all employees. Internal rules are quickly communicated and can be delivered in real time to all the appropriate recipients.

Welcome campaign for new employees
The first time at a new job can be challenging. New employees are flooded with relevant information from all sides. An automated email campaign can help to summarize the most important details and send them to the new employee in daily portions. In order to inform all your existing employees about their new colleague, you can also send out a short profile with the most important information and the remit – just a few days before the official start.

Employee satisfaction surveys
You may regularly run satisfaction surveys within your external newsletter to get a clue about the opinion of your current customers. Why don’t you also do this within your internal communication? Ask your employees for their opinion – these will feel valued and accepted. In addition, you can gain relevant information from the survey results and identify important measures for the future to increase the employee satisfaction.

Internal training via newsletter
Employees are constantly on trainings – whether they are professional or personal nature. The gained knowledge as well as corresponding documents can be easily shared with other interested parties in an internal mailing. Important insights don’t always have to be transmitted within a personal meeting. Submit the relevant information via newsletter to the appropriate target group. The recipients can decide for themselves when to deal intensively with the information they have received.

Implementation similar to classic newsletter

When it comes to content creation, internal newsletters hardly differ from the classic mailings to your external target group. In this case, you should also pay attention to all tips and tricks around texts or the usage of images. In our blog, you will always find relevant information on those topics.

In addition, keep your mailings short and provide the reader with relevant information to counter the flood of information in the inbox of your recipients. The dispatch frequency is simply adjusted to your individual needs. For example, you can keep a fixed monthly appointment and combine it with individual mailings on important topics as well as automated workflows.

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