Surprise your subscribers with creative Easter newsletters to increase awareness of your offer. Give your email design a fresh look or move your subscribers with interactive elements. With this blog report we would like to inspire you to your own ideas for Easter marketing.

Success potential of newsletters with a seasonal focus

Variety in newsletters is more than welcome and will be rewarded by your subscribers. Easter is an excellent occasion to stray from the ordinary and delight the recipients with refreshing content. A large part of the target audience even expects the seasonal reference.

Of course, others are also aware of the effectiveness of seasonal campaigns such as Easter newsletters. It is worth rummaging around a little in the bag of tricks: in the end, the subscribers reach for those campaigns that stand out due to their special presentation or promise attractive promotions and good entertainment.

You should note the following basics:

  • Allow sufficient time for preparation
    The time around Easter is not quite as hectic as around Christmas, but still the campaigns need to be well prepared and announced early enough so that your subscribers can benefit from your Easter specials.
  • Take targeted measures
    Easter newsletters can pursue different goals. On the one hand, they are very well suited for sales promotion, on the other hand they are also suitable for creating brand loyalty and for announcing product innovations. Match the presentation and actions to your goals.
  • Consider the reference to your brand
    The design of your Easter newsletter can be a bit more playful than usual. But keep in mind, the better your Easter campaign fits your company, the more successful it will be.

Moving to spring with interactive elements

Who’s hopping there? Of course, the Easter bunny! Who else? But something else is moving here. A slider in a newsletter? You don’t see that every day. Take advantage of the surprise effect of interactive elements in your Easter newsletter.

In our example, the Easter bunny jumps through the slider and invites you to visit the online shop with various Easter promotions.

Click to see the slider in the email campaign!

Inspirations for Easter Newsletters Interactive Elements Slider

Videos in newsletters attract a lot of attention and are also an excellent opportunity for companies to arouse emotions and convey their message. But it can also be done with less effort. For example, use animated GIFs as eye-catchers in your newsletter. Especially at Easter there are many ideas that play with the topic, such as the announcement of a new product, that hatches from an egg.

A countdown is another element, that draws the attention to your email campaign. You can combine it with a limited Easter Special.

Easter specials to land in the basket

Take advantage of the increased willingness to buy before Easter and give your subscribers a little incentive to actually complete the purchase. Sweepstakes of all kinds can be recommended for all industries – not just for retail. In addition, such Easter campaigns act as drivers of engagement and are suitable for building a brand community.

Easter discounts

Discounts for your newsletter subscribers are an effective measure in merchandising. You can also personalize the discount code in the newsletter. Perhaps you would like to use this option even more often in the year? A separate newsletter section for discounts and price specials is quickly integrated into your mailworx template.

Inspirations for Easter Discount Codes

Wishes for the Easter basket

Take the opportunity to find out which products your subscribers are interested in. Think, for example, of an Easter newsletter, in which subscribers can click to select a product (or several) that they would like to find in their Easter basket – with the option of winning it, of course. Use the data obtained to segment your customers and to target your audience.

Animate to drive participation

If you want to build a community around your brand, seasonal promotions or incentives are an ideal basis. At Easter, the play instinct is awakened, especially when there is a prospect of winning a prize. However, it does not have to be that high. The game itself is its own reward. Such incentives work very well in interaction with other marketing channels.


  • Virtual egg hunt
  • Photo competitions on specific mottoes (e.g. the best egg hiding place)
  • Short Survey (customers choose product favourites etc.)

Surprises in the Easter newsletter

Surprise effects can also be achieved in your Easter newsletter with less effort. Entice your subscribers to clicks with fun tasks or offer little goodies. Of course, the reference to your brand should be there again. Feel free to use the Easter newsletter for a remarkable appearance. Easter greetings from the CEO, who juggles raw eggs, are guaranteed to remain in the subscriber’s memory even beyond the holidays. Your CEO would never do this? Here are some examples of easy to implement surprises:

  • Easter search picture “Where is the mistake?”
  • Download Easter recipes, handicrafts or colouring sheets that fit the company
  • Easter quiz or Easter guessing game

We hope you have gained some inspiration for your Easter newsletter after reading this article. If you need support in the implementation of the ideas for your newsletter, we are happy to assist you – not just around Easter.

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