The latest mailworx research reveals untapped potential in email marketing. Did you know that you could more than double your email open rate by sending triggered emails? These insights are based on an extensive analysis of email KPIs of the first half of 2016.

We compared the performance of different types of email campaigns from regularly sent campaigns to AB tested emails and triggered emails. The results almost blew us away. So here’s what we’ve found out.

The average open rate of triggered email campaigns is 37,91 % whereas regularly sent emails averagely achieve 16,89 %. Regarding click rates the difference is even more significant – 15,5 % compared to 2 %. Having this in mind it is quite surprising that only a very small fraction of all emails are triggered emails. Sure, a huge part of triggered emails like welcome mails or transactional emails inherently have a bigger chance to get opened, but it is clear that we can turn this fact to our advantage. Create added value for your subscribers, win their loyalty – it will be worth the while.

Even the lowest effort can give good returns. AB testing is a quick and proofed method to increase email open rates: On average 25,59 % instead of 16,89 %. There is still plenty of room for improvement – only 2,5 % of the emails used for this study where optimized by AB testing. Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers!


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