We thought it would be time for a comparison of the most important email marketing KPIs over the last past years. Therefore, we’ve anlayzed billions of emails from 2014 till now and summarized the results in a practical infographic. Whether it’s the opening, reading or click rate – start comparing your results and optimize your mailings right away.

Email marketing KPIs in the course of time

We’ve sent the most important email marketing KPIs in a year comparison. It turns out that although there was a small collapse in the past, email marketing can celebrate a little revival now – in B2B as well as B2C. The trend over the past few years is particularly positive for companies in email marketing, especially from the B2B sector. The opening and click rate is in the first half of 2017 is higher than in the past. Therefore, your subscribers are more likely to open your mailings and click on your call-to-actions.

Influencing factors of email marketing KPIs

The comparison of your own email marketing KPIs as well as the trend over the past years will help you to classify the performance of your email campaigns. However, there is one question left: How can you influence the most important email marketing KPIs, in order to improve their performance? We would like to show you those in our infographic. Very important factors for the opening rate are, for example, the sender and the subject line, where the reading or click rate is more likely to be influenced by the topic relevance or the implemented text as well as the used images.

We’ve summarized all this information in our infographic – have fun discovering & optimizing!


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