The highest priority in email marketing is the optimization of content based on the interests of the target group. Of course, this really plays a very important role. However, we often forget about an additional area, which supports this goal: The optimization of the newsletter template based on the respective device it is opened on.

Consider your email statistics – what percentage of your target group open your campaigns on a mobile device? Exactly this information serves as an optimal basis for an important decision when creating your newsletter template. Depending on how your target group is behaving, we offer you the opportunity to opt for a mobile first or desktop first approach. Maybe you’ve heard about it before – but what does it actually mean?

Mobile First
If you opt for a mobile first approach in the development of your individual newsletter template, we adapt the appropriate elements perfectly for the use on mobile devices. Of course, we do not forget about the desktop version – but this is secondary in this case.

Desktop First
Desktop first is the classic way of creating newsletter templates. Therefore, you start with the design for the big screen, where you have plenty of space available. For the mobile optimization, these elements are broken down for a small screen.

Differences not only in the design

Our mailworx service crew has the most important optimization potentials in the field of design or layout available and informs you about it. However, you also have to do something to make the campaigns successful. Not only the newsletter should be presented perfectly, but also the content has to be adapted to the corresponding conditions of the devices. We have summarized the most important tips and tricks for creating mobile first newsletters for you.

#1: Use the provided space to convince
The subject and the preview line play an important role in the desktop version as well, but on mobile devices these elements are even more relevant. Most email programs on smartphones do not show a preview of your campaign, so you’ll have just the few words in your subject and preview line to convince them. If the corresponding reader opens your campaign, you have to show your benefits with a short and meaningful introduction. Do not waste too much space with meaningless phrases or big pictures as well as logos.

#2: Focus on the essentials
The trend in the area of email marketing goes in the direction of “less is more”. Therefore, use the mobile first approach as the best reason to finally jump on this trend. Concentrate on the essentials of the content within your mailings and focus on fewer but more informative topics. Do you have many points to communicate and cannot live with dropping something out of your mailing? Then just try it out to optimize your shipping frequency and divide the individual topics on different emails or target groups.

#3: Short texts with links to more information
In the first two tips, you have already seen that you simply have to manage your newsletters within less space for mobile devices. It is important that you use your chance to convince in the appropriate space. So this tip also extends in the field of text length. Work with short paragraphs to stimulate curiosity about the topic. You have room for further information on a landing page of your website that you can link to.

#4: Call-to-actions increase click rate
Call-to-actions should invite the reader to do a specific action, such as redirecting to a landing page where you can provide even more information about the topic. The design of call-to-actions must also be adapted to the conditions of smartphone usage. Larger buttons not only make it easier for the recipient to press them with their fingers, they also attract more attention – which in the best case increases your click rate.

#5: Eye-catcher in the scroll process
Whether it’s emails, websites or apps – we all know that our scrolling behavior differentiates between a mobile device and the classic desktop usage. We often scroll faster and perceive less. However, we can easily use this knowledge when creating mobile optimized newsletters. Use eye-catchers in the form of buttons, pictures or simply by using different colors. This is how you draw the attention of your readers to the essentials.

1/3 of the openings on mobile devices

Why the considerations between mobile first and desktop first is so important, confirm the current results from our mailworx study. On average, one third of the openings already conduct on mobile devices. Compared to 2015, the usage has increased by 10 percent and the trend is still rising. Especially in the B2C sector, this trend should not be ignored. In some months, the mobile usage is already overtaking those on the desktop.

You want to know more about the advantages or differences? Get in touch with us and the mailworx service crew contact you directly in order to get the best solution for your conditions.

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