Email is still a very popular and effective way of marketing. If your emails are used in the right way and if they address your customers directly, they have high potential for your businesses’ marketing. By automating a few processes in your company, you cannot just support your workflows, but also the dialogue between you and your customers is getting better. Go find out, which opportunities email marketing automation holds ready for you and how to enthuse your clients with trigger campaigns.

Email marketing automation means the automatic transfer of emails, triggered by an individual action of your customer. The mails reach your clients in the moment they interact with your company. This leads to the fact that the probability for the customer to open and read your newsletter is very high. By automating your campaigns your newsletters are more targeted, which will increase the relationship between you and your customer.

Email marketing automatin as a booster for customer relations

We are talking of email automation when newsletters are transferred automatically right after a customer’s action – a so-called trigger. Therefore, you only have to create your campaigns once. Up-following mails are transferred automatically, which ensures you to send the right mail to the right recipient at the right time. This in turn increases opening and click rates as well as the purchase probability. By using automation, you offer a holistic experience with your brand.
A trigger can be the signup to your newsletter, the login to your web shop or a purchase. To speak to your customer directly you have to gain sufficient data. Only by knowing the specific needs and interests of your clients, you are able to provide them with appropriate content.

Examples for email marketing automation

#1: service mails

This is a type of automatic generated mails everyone knows: right after you made a purchase you receive a confirmation email. In addition, mails confirming an order, an account or the transfer of products are so-called service mails. These emails record high opening rates and because of that they are often used for cross and upselling.

#2: welcome mails

Welcome mails are a probate way to strengthen the bond to your customer. By directly giving him feedback to his interaction with your company, you make a good impress. A welcome mails often is the first email you send to your client and so it builds the basis for your whole relationship. By sending discount codes to your recipient, he will know that he is right in his interest for your business.

#3: anniversary campaign

Jubilees are famous for giving discounts or special offers to your clients. The fact that there is a fixed event leads to higher opening rates. Attracting attention in your recipient’s inbox will lead to higher reading and click rates of your anniversary campaign.

#4: reactivation campaign

One of the most important application areas of email automation is the reactivation of inactive customers. You can send reminders to your recipients that do not interact with your newsletters at all and you may activate them again. With reactivation campaigns, you can offer your inactive clients special discounts and remind them why they signed up to your newsletter once. Reactivation is very important for companies because it is more cost-effective and successful to regain clients than to gain new ones.

Rules for email marketing automation

There are a few rules to follow if you want to transfer trigger mails.

#1: client‘s behavior  

The way your customers behaved regarding former mails is important for the automatic email transfer. Clicking behavior, reading time and similar factors have an impact on design as well as form of the following mail campaigns.

#2: customer contact

Targeted client approach is important regarding the fact that you differ in addressing new clients and existing customers.

The more information you gain in the application form to your newsletter the more personalized the content of your mailings can be. The more data you have the more dynamic content you can produce for your clients. It makes sense to organize your subscribers in groups to send the same content to different client groups in different ways.

#3: mobile optimization 

Important for creating trigger campaigns is to optimize the newsletters for mobile devices, so that customers have the chance to read your content on their smartphone or tablet.

#4: data security

Privacy is a big thing in automatic email transfer. In Europe there is a regulation called GDPR, which says that it is only allowed to send mails to customers who verified that by the so-called double-opt-in process. It is also important to let your recipients know, which of their data you use for which purpose. You should also offer the opportunity to your clients to sign out of your trigger mails.

Advantages of email automation at a glance


  • makes processes like transfer and analysis of campaigns more easy
  • increases opening and click rates
  • strengthens the relationship to your customer
  • reduces mistakes in the transferring process of newsletters
  • reactivates inactive customers
  • addresses your clients directly

There are various advantages in using email marketing automation. Contact our mailworx service crew to use the potential and increase the success of your campaigns.

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