The click rate is one of the most important metrics in email marketing. But what can you do if success won’t come and your email campaigns and the click rates fall short of expectations?

Do not despair. There are many reasons for underperforming email campaigns, but there are just as many ways to change that. We would like to present you some ideas today.

Find ways to catch your readers’ attention

First of all, you have to find out, why your subscribers are not interested in your content. Actually, it is better to identify the pieces of content that attract their attention. We regularly look at our campaigns with the mailworx statistics tool to figure out why some campaigns were more successful than others.

Email preview with click score

We want to see a holistic view, so our analysis doesn’t end with comparing the bare figures and metrics of different email campaigns. We also use the email preview of the mailworx statistic tool that visualizes the click score of each link in the email. This makes it easy for us to quickly identify the topics, which are most relevant for our subscribers. In addition, there are more interesting things you can learn.


More clicks on buttons or pics?

It turned out, that the bright red buttons in our campaigns do not miss their effect. Although we often link the landing page in the picture and text, the buttons are clicked by far more often. It is also interesting that text links even get more clicks than linked pictures.

The exception proves the rule: Infographics that are prominently placed in the newsletter, pictures linked to a video, or picture galleries really grab the readers’ attention.

Tip: If you don’t want to go through each campaign you sent in the last months, you can help yourself with a little trick. mailworx provides the tool “Best campaign analysis”, which automatically ranks the most successful email campaigns of the selected period with regard to open rate, click rate or reading rate. You will also get the email preview mentioned above for these campaigns.

How do attention-grabbing links look?

Very different. Just because buttons work well in our case, does not mean that this is the only way to get more clicks. “Cosmetic” optimizations can help, but many other factors have an influence on the click rate, such as the placement of the link and its environment, the number of links in the email, the formulation of the call-to-actions or, above all, the relevance of the content.

The best advice we can give you is to experiment and see what works best for you.

Who says, that button texts always have to be short?

Zurich Insurance shows that multi-line buttons can be very effective. The text line “These changes in inheritance law have been valid since the beginning of the year” tells you enough to click if the topic is relevant for you. Many recipients tend to scan emails only. The informative text in the button ensures that they get to the required information as quickly as possible.


Note: In case of long button texts, check how they look on mobile devices with the preview function of the mailworx email editor.

Increase subscriber engagement

Successful call-to-actions are those that already express the benefit offered to the subscriber after clicking a link. As in the example above, where subscribers get a compact summary of all changes in inheritance law, which saves them from having to sift through extensive documents.

In addition to calls for action, questions also work very well. Often we find such short surveys in the context of prize games. You will be surprised that asking for an opinion is motivation enough!

Quick tips for effective call-to-actions

  • Use active verbs – “Get your…”, “Register now”,…
  • Concrete messages are always better than being vague. Avoid general texts like “click here”, try to be as specific as possible. “Save 20% on your next purchase”.
  • Make it a case of urgency. Give the recipients the feeling that they have to take action, if they don’t want to miss out on something. Words such as “now”, “only”, “limited”, etc. show their effect, even if we are not aware of it.
  • Is there a piece of content that is particularly important to you? Make the call-to-action more eye-catching than other links in the newsletter.
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