The use of forms is often underestimated, although they are a very important tool in email marketing. Through the successful interaction of forms – whether in the newsletter or on your website – with your email marketing software, you create a perfect extra value for you and your recipients. The new mailworx form editor not only increases the flexibility in design, but also has unexpected possibilities for use. We show you the possibilities.

Numerous applications – endless possibilities

The newsletter registration
The classic among email marketing forms is the registration for the newsletter. By connecting the form on your website with your email marketing system, new subscribers are created directly in your subscriber database. It is also possible to welcome them with a welcoming series or the double-opt-in mailing – fully automated.

The contact request
Request forms can also be implemented with mailworx on your website. With this interaction, you can simply integrate the newsletter registration into all your request forms on the website. In addition, you can automatically send a confirmation mail so the recipient knows that the query has been received.

The download
Do you offer a download of a whitepaper, e-book or something like this on your website? Ask the relevant data, such as the email address, via a form and send an automated email campaign to your interested parties with the promised information or resources. It works similar with the registration for an information series.

The survey
With the mailworx form editor, you can easily implement a survey. Use subscriber and form fields to get interesting information from your subscribers. The entered data can be stored individually with the respective subscriber and you can use it for further evaluations and measures.

The order
Let your subscribers process an order directly through the newsletter and give your existing customers the possibility to order more articles via form. An integration with the respective online shop leads your email marketing to a completely new level.

The information procurer
Forms will help you to get to know your subscribers even better. As part of a welcome campaign, you can easily integrate a small survey of the respective interests or other important data, such as the date of birth. This information can be used optimally for further email marketing measures.

The event registration
Registration for events can easily be handled with the mailworx form editor. From the registrations, you can automatically generate registration groups or lists by the system. However, there is more than that: Through the event management module, you can display the whole process of your events in mailworx.

Forms as part of email marketing automation

The form is just one of many useful tools in email marketing. In order to reach the full potential, it makes sense to combine the individual tools with each other. For example, use your forms as a trigger for a marketing automation workflow. Whether it is just a conformation mail or a fully automated campaign, your recipients will be delighted if they hear from you immediately after submitting the form.

Let’s take the newsletter registration as an example. With the double-opt-in mailing, you can obtain the legal confirmation of your subscribers. However, this process does not have to end here. You can also surprise your new subscribers with a welcoming series. Introduce your products or services as well as your newsletter and take the chance to get to know your subscribers even better – whether via link clicks or interest surveys via form.

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