LEADS – the goal of many companies. But how do you get high quality leads? Of course, you have a wide spread marketing mix with different channels to gain interested people for your products and services. The challenge in this case is to generate leads on the one hand and on the other hand to address them more individually. This is exactly where the combination of Facebook Lead Ads and email marketing is the key for success.

Among other things, you benefit from the wide range, high lead quality and specific targeting options of the Facebook Lead Ads – combined with individual and automated campaigns from your email marketing software. All measures are bundled and have exactly one goal: turning leads into customers. The great thing about it? mailworx offers the optimal integration with your Facebook Lead Ads forms. Generated leads, such as new newsletter subscribers, transfer directly to the subscriber database of mailworx. There they are available for all possible measures to turn them into actual customers.

Facebook Lead Ads – already heard about it?

Facebook is a very attractive social media channel for companies to connect with the users of this platform. Facebook Lead Ads are an important tool to get in touch with them and gain more information. These ads are very similar to the classic ads on Facebook and are also created in the Facebook Ad Manager. Switch to your usual view to create an ad within a new campaign. Your goal: lead generation.

Facebook Lead Ads have on crucial difference: an integrated form – the step forward to your website is not necessary anymore. The user can complete the desired process within the known application. If Facebook already knows certain data about the user it is already filled in automatically. The inhibitions to click on the submit button and thus complete the conversion is much lower. If you are redirected to a landing page, the risk of interrupting the process is much greater. The user can be easily influenced by small disruptive factors. Among other things, loading times or the design play an important role.

Benefit from the perfect interaction

Perfect – the leads just come in through your Facebook Lead Ad. But how can you deal with them? Trust mailworx! Without a perfect interaction of the two systems, you would have to export the CSV files from mailworx every time and import them into your newsletter software. We anticipate this step and allowing you a fully automated approach to handle your leads.

Facebook Lead Ads are not only interesting when it comes to generating newsletter subscribers. With marketing automation through the mailworx workflow editor, you can get much more out of your lead process. Automated campaigns that are tailored to the individual needs of your leads optimize your communication and assist you in turning the lead into a paying customer.

Double-opt-in process including a welcome campaign
Facebook Lead Ads are ideal for gaining new newsletter subscribers. However, do not forget about the legal conditions and get the consent of your future subscribers. The integration of mailworx and the Facebook Lead Ads makes it possible for you to initiate the predefined double-opt-in-process automatically. Your subscriber has confirmed the registration? Perfect – welcome him with an automated welcome campaign.
Download linked to the offline process
Leads are interested in your products or services – provide them with a download of your product catalog at the first step. You can advertise it through a Facebook Lead Ad. Interested people have the opportunity to request this download directly from the advertisement. By the connection to mailworx, the leads end up in your subscriber database and receive the download completely automated by your individual workflow. The information of the download is also interesting for your sales team – automatically send a notification to contact the leads.

Get the optimal connection between your Facebook leads and mailworx – our mailworx service crew has all the important information for you!

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