Nearly everyone is talking about email marketing automation. However, far too few companies realized the full potential of this marketing instrument. The responsible managers have respect of the initial effort or lack the idea of possible use cases that are tailored to their business. We’ll show you how to approach such a project and how you can benefit from integrating your systems (such as CRM, ERP or the online shop) with your email marketing software.

Create once – benefit continuously

In order to integrate your email marketing successful with your external systems, you have to view your processes not isolated. Think about all the IT systems used in your business. This can range from an ERP software or the CRM database to a shop system. Make a simple sketch of your systems and note the stored data of them. Based on this, you can specify if you can use the existing data in your email marketing.

After the successful implementation of an integration project, specific triggers in the third-party systems lead to an action in your email marketing system – regardless of whether it is a simple service email or a complex workflow. Identify these triggers and define which data should be transferred from the one system to the other. With this information, you can go to your developers and discuss the exact process for the successful communication of your systems. mailworx will also help you with such a project – for more information go to our integration packages.

Integration use cases

CRM system: lead management
It takes endurance to turn a lead into a customer. Most people are ready to buy only after they have built trust in your product or service. With email marketing automation, you build up this trust continuously and you are ready as soon as your customer is ready to buy.

Your sales team works classically with your company’s CRM system. Through an integration with your newsletter software, new leads can be synchronized with your subscriber database. New subscribers will automatically become a series of information as a welcoming. Therefore, your sales people need to do just one click in their CRM system – the rest is fully automated through email marketing automation.

ERP system: order confirmation
Personalized order confirmations increase the anticipation of your product and inspire confidence in your service. Additional application tips or shipping information will create a real extra value for your customers. Through an integration of your systems, you can easily implement such a process.

The ERP system of your company must not be viewed in isolation. You can take full advantage of the stored and processed data. Including an interface to your email marketing software. Utilize information about quotes, orders or even the shipping of your products and stand out from the service of your competitors by a successful integration of the existing data.

Online shop: product recommendations
Satisfied customers are coming back. Unfortunately, we often fail to make our offers palatable to them. Make use of cross- or up-selling potential by placing recommendations for other products or additional services in your newsletter after the purchase.

In your online shop software, the most important details for this process probably already exist. You know what the customer bought and have the information about similar products. Through an interface to your email marketing software, you can automatically integrate these products into a newsletter campaign – individually tailored to the respective subscriber.

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