We all started turbulently in the year 2019 and of course, we want to take this motivation into our daily work. In the first days of the year, we were able to complete our former tasks successfully – now it is time to deal with the goals for 2019. We have summarized the most important trends in the field of email marketing to get you an overview of what you should absolutely watch out for this year.

Best part of that: We will also support you in 2019 with your individual plans with all our energy as your competent partner.
Let us prove this to you! 

Get to know your subscribers

You think campaigns are the most important element in email marketing? Sure, without campaigns your message will not reach the right recipient – but who are your recipients? We believe subscribers are the most important assets in email marketing. Therefore, start 2019 with a good New Year’s resolution: I want to get to know my subscribers. Knowing about your recipients and their interests will make it easy to optimize the campaigns to their needs.

Of course, we will not let you down with this challenge. So that you do not immediately reject your new resolution, we support you with providing a clear subscriber dashboard. You do not have to collect the most important information – we make it available for you at a glance.

Mobile First approach arrives in marketing

Take a look at your newsletter statistics. How many of your sent emails are read on mobile devices? The number is increasing depending on the industry in the recent years. Your emails should therefore be optimized for the corresponding devices. Why not try it out for yourself: switch to the mobile view in the preview of your campaign – will all content be displayed optimally? Is it too long for readers on a smartphone? Does the actual purchase intention still come into its own?

We are working hard to optimize your newsletter on mobile devices. With the Mobile First approach, we go one step further: the design of your individual newsletter template is created directly for a smartphone – the desktop version only follows in the second step. This ensures that the mailing you send is perfectly presented to all your recipients.

Interactive elements strengthen dialogue

Email marketing is not a one-way street. If you want to do successful email marketing, you also want to get in touch with your recipients. With interactive elements in a newsletter, the interaction with your customer is clearly enhanced alongside the classic call-to-action button. Use image galleries, forms or tabs that are integrated directly into your mailing in order to further enhance your recipients inbox.

With the possibility to integrate animated GIFs or videos, we have already made a big step towards the future. Of course, that was not all! You also have an idea you would like to implement in your newsletter? Simply get in touch with us and we will support you in the implementation.

Artificial intelligence increases success

Through artificial intelligence, you get little helpers to you in the marketing team. These little helpers know their way around email marketing perfectly and support you in achieving your goals. By using artificial intelligence, you can optimize your activities and tailor them to the needs of your target group. Relevant content in prioritized order, optimized dispatch times, personalized content and targeted addressing of the recipients will lead to campaigns that are far more successful.

Let’s stay with the metaphor. The little helper of mailworx is iRated®. With the iRated® Technology, you are already ordering the content of your mailings according to the individual interests of your recipients. All this, of course, fully automated with just one click. That’s not all that our little helper is able to – be curious about which processes we want to support you in 2019.

Increase efficiency with marketing automation

Individually tailored information at the perfect time – that’s how you convince your subscribers. Email marketing automation helps you to achieve this goal. You think about your individual process and implement it in your email marketing system – the rest happens fully automated. For example, you can start with the customization of the standard double-opt-in process, a personalized birthday mailing or a completely individual support of your business processes.

Have you ever created an automated process with the mailworx workflow editor? If so, you already know how easy it is. With our newsletter tutorial, you get an overview of the most important elements, which are explained step-by-step. That is not enough for you? Our mailworx service crew also loves new challenges and supports you.

Sounds exciting, right? It’s time to start optimizing your email marketing activities. Only this way you can convince in the inbox of your recipients and achieve your individually set goals for the year 2019. We wish you a lot of success and are full of vigor to help as a competent partner.

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