The year-end business is successfully over and it’s now time to start the year 2018 with new enthusiasm. Probably you have already thought about your marketing activities in this year – but what’s up in email marketing? We’ll show you the ultimate trends in email marketing you should definitely not miss in 2018.

E-Mail Marketing Trends 2018First of all, to take the wind out of the sails of all email marketing sceptics: The use of email marketing does not decrease but becomes more efficient. Over the last few years, the medium has developed in a similar direction in order to be able to establish on the market in the long term. If you keep up with the current trends, you can be successful with email marketing in the upcoming year.

Use privacy as an opportunity

2018 is the year of data protection. Of course, with the General Data Protection Regulation, which officially enters into force on May 25, 2018, new challenges will come to your email marketing measures. The processing of personal data is and will remain the foundation of your mailworx in the future. Take the opportunity with the new EU-GDPR to build a high-quality subscriber base and take your email marketing to a whole new level.

Most importantly, we provide you with mailworx an EU-GDPR-compliant email marketing software and we are perfectly prepared for the adjustments of the legal situation. With mailworx as your partner in email marketing, you are taking an important step in the right direction.

Email marketing automation is not just an option

Automation is a recurring email marketing trend, yet far too few companies rely on this important marketing tool to exploit the full potential of their campaigns. This is the reason why this topic is also part of the trends from this year. However, this year we will be even more specific: Email marketing automation is not only an option, it is a must have to be successful in email marketing. Those who use marketing automation have the opportunity to provide their recipients with relevant content in real time – this increases the relevance of your campaigns and causes significantly higher success rates.

With the email marketing software mailworx there are no more excuses for not implementing email marketing automation in your company. The mailworx workflow editor helps you to structure your email campaigns and helps you to control the communication with your recipients efficiently and automatically. More about email marketing automation with the mailworx workflow editor or individualized trigger mails can be found in our know-how area.

Individualization through artificial intelligence

Individualization is still THE topic in email marketing. However, also in this area a lot has happened in the last years. We are drifting away from manual segmentation of the target audience, towards automation and artificial intelligence. Relevant content in prioritized order, optimized delivery times, personalized content and targeted addressing lead to far more successful newsletter campaigns.

The iRated technology from mailworx already supports you in the successful individualization of your campaigns and ranks the content of your mailings according to the interests of the recipients – fully automated and customized. However, that’s not all: We are constantly working on features for you to individualize your campaigns and to predict specific interests or behaviours of your recipients – be curious to see what mailworx has in store for you.

Integrations open up new possibilities

Have you carefully read the previous email marketing trends for the year 2018? Then you will realize that without a proper collection and merger of your subscribers’ data, it will hardly be possible to succeed in email marketing. Integrating other systems in your business with mailworx is the key factor to win this challenge. With the interaction of your systems, you are up to date and you can map fully automated campaigns beyond the limits of your email marketing system. Satisfy your customers and stand out from the competition with your premium service.

Often, the responsible persons have lack the resources or they have respect of the technical part of the implementation. We are happy to help you out. The mailworx integration packages are completely implemented by us for you – from the project planning, to the successful implementation in your system. Thereby, we address your individual need, no matter which system you want to connect with mailworx and which level of integration you prefer.

Delight with interactive email elements

Interactive email elements are announcing a new age of emails. You provide your readers with a way to interact directly with you within the email in the inbox. With interactive image galleries, dynamic product customization possibilities, integrated forms or the ability to buy products directly via the email, you can give your campaigns a new coat. The trend is towards increasing functionality, while the design is becoming more reserved. An even more targeted approach brings more relevance as well as commitment and this will lead to impressive conversion rates.

Our recommendation: Take advantage of the trend now, before everyone is doing it and interactive elements become standard. Do you already have an idea for a potential use case in your email marketing? We are happy to support you as a competent implementation partner. Just get in touch with us and we will find together the optimal solution for your newsletter campaigns.

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