What is it, that makes an email marketing campaign successful? Well, we all know the pretty obvious things like a good design and personalization. But does the word analyses also come to our mind, when we think about improving our email campaigns. Well, in fact it definitely should!

Evaluating your key indicators, is inevitable for optimizing and improving your email marketing.

Which KPIs are useful?

There is never a right or wrong, according to the KPIs you choose. The best way to do it is to think about the goals you set in your marketing plan.

Some really good indicators are for example the opening rate, click rate and the reading rate.

There are also some comparative values like the read-to-open-rate (number of persons who read the newsletter for at least 8 seconds in relation to the recipients who opened your email) and the click-to-open-rate (number of subscribers with clicks in relation to those who opened the campaign) which can give you a different view on your campaigns. All those indicators can be analyzed in depth with the mailworx statistic tool.

In comparison with others

The first step is taken. You have evaluated your KPIs with your marketing goals . Let’s take another big step and compare your KPI values with the values from others. But how? We recognized this lack of information. During the whole last year, we collected data to give you the possibility to compare your performance with the performance of others. Just make use of the star rating system in the mailworx statistic and compare your campaign statistic with the average values of your industry sector. The following image shows the average values of the six different KPIs (all industry sectors) which we evaluated.

email marketing KPIs all industry sectors

E-Mail client usage

Match your content with the email client your customer is using! Why? The answer is pretty simple. The type of the used client can give you information about the local situation the customer is in, while he reads your message. A person who is on the train and uses the smartphone for checking emails will never be impressed about the same content as a person who is sitting in the office. So be aware of the relevance of this information.

The current proportion of the used email client types is shown in the graphic below.

proportion openings on email clients

About the study
The market was analyzed from January to December 2016, to generate enough data for valid results. Besides the general results, there is also the division in 17 different industries like IT, finance, lifestyle, health etc. and the differentiation between B2B and B2C.

You want to gain deep insights into your email marketing performance? Try our email marketing software and statistic tool.

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