Only a few days ago autumn has arrived and we are thinking about Christmas yet. Isn’t it a little bit too early? No, because following Google, people start to search for Christmas gifts from October on. So thinking about and planning Christmas campaigns now is worth it. We gathered some helpful tips for your Christmas mailings in this blogpost. Using them, you can make sure that Christmas is not coming as surprisingly as usual. ­čśë

Which days are useful for sending Christmas campaigns via email?

Marketing emails at Christmas aim gaining revenue more than other newsletters. This is why you should really plan your mailings to make sure not to miss out the important days.

Pre-Christmas period

The weeks before Christmas hold various opportunities to send out your offers. The days Black Friday (November, 29th 2019) and Cyber Monday (December, 2nd 2019) – which we know from the USA – arrived a few years ago in Europe and hold great opportunities for sending Christmas offers. Many customers buy presents for their friends and family on these days.

In general, November is a great month to get your customers into the festive mood. You can for example communicate your delivery times for Christmas together with some nice offerings. You also have to keep December, 15th in mind, because this is the day for most of the customers to buy all their Christmas gifts.

Christmas holidays

Even the Christmas days itself are used for sending offers and discounts via email. But Christmas mailings are also a probate way – especially if you are not an online retailer – to send electronic Christmas greetings to your customers and to say Thank You.

Also the Sundays in Advent should not be missed for sending newsletters. You are sending mails on a regular basis during the year? Why should you change that during Christmas time? Communicating with your recipients regullarly shows that you are interested in them even on those days.

After Christmas holidays

Pre-Christmas season is said to be the highest-revenue period of the year. But even after the holidays you can delight your customers with creative ideas. By using phrases like ‘You did not get the gift you were looking for? Go visit our online shop!‘ you can surely reach out to your clients and can make personal use of exchange business. Also, many people are searching for opportunities to redeem their vouchers and gifts of money a few days after Christmas.

For planning the most useful days for Christmas mailings, you should use an editorial plan. But not only during the stressful holiday season, but throughout the whole year, planning your content is useful.

What can mails look like in pre-Christmas season?

It is more important than ever to stand out of your subscriber’s inbox at Christmas time. We gathered our favorite ideas for Christmas mailings in the following.

  • Christmas story
    You can tell Christmas stories with your offers in it. This will surely catch your readers and they will interact with your content more likely.
  • Games
    Discount codes for X-Mas products of your online shop can easily be placed in a scratch ticket or memory game.
  • Advent calendar
    Nearly everybody has an Advent calendar in order to shorten time until Christmas eve. Why not present your mails as an Advent calendar? You can – depending on your amount of content – send mails either daily from December 1st until December 24th, or weekly on every Advent Sunday. You can, for example, send single products of your online shop with an included discount code or a blog post.
  • Wish list
    Give your readers ideas for presents for Mom, Dad or their best friend. Just write a wish list with products from your online shop.
  • Lottery
    Surprise your subscribers with a goodie for Christmas. Be creative and present it as a lottery, for example where participants have to count Christmas angels or presents.
  • Countdown
    Place them into your lottery or game or simply in a mail in order to count the days until Christmas.

Who should send offers via mail for Christmas?

Especially online retailers should make use of Christmas campaigns. You could present your products and include discounts. Also a guaranteed delivery until the day of Christmas is always a good thing to communicate. But also if you have a stationary shop you can delight your customers with Christmas mails and get them into your shop by sending discounts per mail. You also have the exclusive opportunity as an offline retailer to offer products even on Christmas day for reeeeally late Christmas shoppers and you definitely should communicate this in your mails.

In general every business can send Christmas mails – no matter, if you are sending discount offers or nice Christmas greetings – this surely will make your customers happy.

How can mailworx help me with my Christmas campaigns?

mailworx holds various features in order to support you in this hectic time of the year. With the mailworx campaign editor you can efficiently plan and create your mailings. Our templates are easy to use and can be enriched with pictures via drag and drop.

Additionally you have the opportunity to personalize your mailings with mailworx: You can either work with text components or reach your customers with personalized videos on a whole new level of individualization. Also animated GIFs can give your Christmas mailings a creative touch.

But what surely will save most of your time is the mailworx workflow editor. Using this, you only have to create a campaign once and your subscriber is implementing the dispatch of the next mail himself by clicking a link for example. This makes sure that every one of your customer is getting your Christmas greetings – even if you are in your well-deserved Christmas holidays already.

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