Email marketing is an essential marketing tool and can be used in many areas along the customer journey. Regardless of whether it is about acquiring new customers, managing existing customers or reactivating customers. Nevertheless, this flexible marketing channel is often underestimated – but successful email marketing does not end in creating a regular newsletter for your subscribers. We have prepared three examples to prove that. Be inspired and start with your new and effective measures.

Customized campaigns lead to more success

Classically, email marketing refers to sending regular newsletters – but a email marketing software like mailworx offers you so many more ways to reach and engage your target audience. For example, in addition to a regular news update, you can also work with event dependent campaigns. These campaigns are sent based on actions of the recipients – for example, service emails after receiving a request via form or sending further information requested by a link click. Once you create the newsletter you want to send after an appropriate action, link this with the respective trigger. The rest is done by mailworx – fully automated and at the right point of time.

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With the automation of complete email marketing processes, you will take a step further. We provide you with an efficient tool for automating your campaigns. The simple and intuitive mailworx workflow editor makes it easy to implement complex processes. Turning a lead into a customer requires perseverance. Most are ready to buy only after they have built up confidence in your product or service. Through an automated workflow, you build up this trust continuously and are ready, when your customer is. However, that’s just one example – it’s also easy to automate information series, surveys including click profiling or birthday mailings.

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What’s after the click?

You think email marketing only affects the creation of an email campaign? Sorry, but you are wrong. If you practice clever newsletter marketing, you will pursue a goal with each of your mailings. These may include selling a product, signing up for a webinar or submitting important information. The actual completion of this goal can often not be done directly in the email, but it can work on a landing page or an online shop. Email marketing thus also affects the optimization of your website in order to achieve the set goals.

In addition to the ongoing optimization of your email campaigns, work on your landing pages as well. Here are a few essential tips on which areas you should not disregard:

  • Keep the newsletter design similar to your website.
    The corporate identity of your business should be reflected in both – the newsletter design and your website. This creates trust and users know that they have landed on the right page after their click.
  • Meet the expectations of the users.
    The reader of your newsletter has expectations of what to expect after clicking on a link – choose the right content to meet them in order to ensure user experience.
  • Guide the customer directly to the goal.
    Similar to your newsletter, you also have to focus on a clear goal on your landing page as well. Use the appropriate content and CTA to guide the user directly to the desired action.
  • Improve your forms.
    Whatever your goal is, most of the time you’ll need to ask users for more information via form. Be sure to keep them as short as possible and only ask for relevant information.
  • Ongoing testing & optimizations are essential.
    You are already testing and optimizing your newsletter campaign – so why not the associated landing page? Ongoing optimizations are essential for long-term success.

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Newsletter software as a central element

Often you use many different systems within one company – in addition to the email marketing system, think of a CRM, ERP or online shop software. These systems usually also contain information that is relevant to your newsletter activities. With an integration of your systems, you are up to date and can profit from the automated data exchange. Sync the lead and content details of your CRM system, digital content from your DAM or CMS system or work with key information from your online store to take email marketing to a whole new level.

See your email marketing as a key element and link it with all other systems that can share relevant data for your newsletter activities. By connecting your tools, you can fully automate campaigns across the boundaries of your newsletter system. Satisfy your customers and differentiate from the competition with your service. Do not worry, we will not leave you alone with your project and assist you with the implementation of your individual integration – regardless of which system.

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