What is it that makes your email design stand out from others? Get some inspiration from these beautiful email designs! We choose these best practices from millions of mails our customers are sending and combined them with insights we gained from our research on subscriber behavior.

Make sure that your email design is responsive

On average around 30% of all emails are opened on mobile devices, in the b2c sector there are even more email opens.
People neither want to scroll horizontally nor to zoom when reading your email. But zooming isn’t the only annoying thing. Make sure that your call to actions are simply clickable with your finger and that your email looks proper on mobile devices.


Use a clear call-to-action

Getting more clicks on your website or any other subscriber engagement like social shares or purchases, requires a strong and clear call-to-action. Compared to the examples below “Read more” is a rather weak call-to-action because it doesn’t cut right to the chase of the matter. What’s in for me? This is the common question your subscribers will ask themselves, so give them a little hint to make them curious about, offer something for free (“Get your free eBook”) or say it clear as below. Experiment with wording! Use the first person instead of telling your subscribers what to do. Both can work out!


Use a preheader

If you don’t use a preheader your subsribers will see something like “if this mail doesn’t look prop…” in their inboxes. How boring. What a waste of space! As you know the subject line has a major influence on email open rates – so has the preheader which is the text below the subject line. Don’t forget to put an important message or call-to-action there. You need inspiration? Then check out these tips on how to write better subject lines and preheaders.

Give it space

Many authors and designers fear long emails and use little spacing between the images and copy, choose a small line height or small font. Having a mobile friendly and good looking design requires enough white space and a clear structure. It makes it easy for the reader to follow the content and click on the right call-to-action. We love the email campaigns from Rechberger, an Austrian wholesaler for gastronomy and the hotel industry. The design is very clean and classy, the central focus is on the product which is presented with beautiful images.

email design inspiration

Add color

When people would rather watch paint dry than read your emails you know what to do: ADD COLOR. Make your email a piece of art, but be cautious – less is often more. Highlight the elements you want to draw particular attention to. A very beautiful example is this one from Lunik2. When two creative agencies decided to explore new ways together, of course they let everyone know and celebrated a huge party. Creative people know how to party hard, that’s for sure. And they did excellent work with their invitation campaign and with introducing their new brand. Really, a neon-pink call-to-action is hard to ignore!

email design inspiration

One more thing: Single-column-emails

The time where multi-column-emails were sent is over. To ensure that the responsive layout looks good and that the subscriber has a good reading experience you should choose a single column layout like in this pure design!
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