Data protection is an important topic and a key challenge for all companies, especially in email marketing. Data, or more precious personal data, plays an important role in sending out your campaigns. In addition to the master data such as the email address or the name of your recipients, the reactions of your subscribers to your newsletter topics are recorded and process in your email marketing system. With mailworx, you have the perfect partner at your side – we provide you with all the additional features you need to make legally compliant email marketing and simply put the requirements into practice.

Have you informed your subscribers about recording or processing their data and they have given you their consent? In that case, there is hardly anything that keeps you from a legally compliant email marketing in conjunction with the collection of personal data. However, the privacy policy of your company goes one step further? Try our solution for anonymizing the statistics of your subscribers.

Personal vs. anonymous

Decide for yourself whether you want to anonymize the entire statistics in your email marketing system or let your subscribers decide on the anonymization of their behavior. The great thing about it is that you do not have to renounce on the most important key figures of your newsletter campaigns – personal statistics are only anonymized not none recorded.

Personal Tracking
Personalized tracking is the default setting in your mailworx account. This means that all campaign responses are recorded as usual and also maintain a direct connection to each subscriber. You can also view in the mailworx statistic tool which of your subscribers have opened, clicked, etc. In addition, you can easily access the entire range of options for individualizing your emails based on the user behavior.

Anonymous Tracking
If you choose to work with the anonymized tracking in mailworx, you subscribers’ campaign responses will be still tracked and you can access the key metrics such as the opening or click rate as known, but you won’t have the connection to each individual subscriber. You have to know, that this tracking option brings restrictions in the individualization of your campaigns.

GDPR features from mailworx

The current release (mailworx 9.3 – release on 17/07/2018) is completely under the sign of privacy. With the anonymized statistics, we complete the already released features to support your GDPR-compliancy. All important information on the provided standard double-opt-in process and the GDPR-compliant unsubscription of mailworx, we’ve summarized in our newsletter tutorials.

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