Less customer meetings, more closed deals. Isn’t that a dream that would make salespeople all over the world sleep easy? If you want to convert more leads into customers, email marketing evidently is one of the most effective sales tools you can use! On top of that it is ideal for customer care and key account management.

Hot or Not? Increase qualified leads through email marketing

How do you know, if paying a visit or call to a certain customer will be worthwhile? When you leave your loyal customers aside (of course you are familiar with their needs and habits) you can either go with your gut or take an methodical approach and pave the way for long-lasting success. Email marketing helps you to sort the wheat from the chaff, because it allows you to identify leads who show interest in your product or service.

Email marketing is measurable and every click on a topic or offer can be associated with a subscriber and potential customer. Don’t waste your time with people who are not ready to buy yet – save your energy for those who are.

Clever approaches to your customers

Today’s customers are better and better prepared, no matter if they have a concrete purchase intention or just want to browse around and inform themselves. They search online, they compare a lot, they ask around. You can benefit from email marketing in many ways. On the one hand subscribing to a newsletter is a hurdle, most of the people are willing to take, even when they are not sure about what they want or what they are searching for. On the other hand it is a great tool to gain more insights, collect information about your leads (e.g. click behavior) and lay the foundation for a successful sales pitch. Your customers are better and better prepared – make sure you prepare yourself to seal the deal!

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