The last May was one of the coldest we have experienced in recent years. Therefore, it’s time to get some warm thoughts into our heads and slowly start planning your email marketing activities for the upcoming summer months. We know that it is a bit quieter in the offices at this time of the year – both in your inbox and in your recipient’s. Just the right moment to take your email marketing to a new level.

Everyone thinks about their holidays or are they lucky enough to be already there? You successfully use the potential of the quieter time and we give you the right tools to gain more success. Learn more about how you can convince potential and existing customers in the summer months with your campaigns and spend your own time for successful email marketing in the long term.

Delight your readers in the summer time

The first important step in the right direction is to know that seasonal fluctuations in marketing aspects are normal. When these metric changes occur can vary from one business sector to another. Don’t panic if the key figures are going down form time to time at the same point. Use exactly this knowledge for yourself and try to counteract the corresponding fluctuations.

One thing is clear: attractive email campaigns spread their effect even during the holiday season. On the one hand, not all your potential buyers or prospects are on holiday at the same time and on the other hand, the trend towards mobile devices can help you as well. The smartphone makes it possible that we are always and everywhere easily accessible – even on vacation. We have summarized tips for you that can help you to succeed even in quieter times.

#1: Pimp your subject & preview line

The subject and preview line of your mailings are the entry point to your carefully prepared campaigns. Therefore, invest a lot of time in these few words that directly affect your opening rate. Just try something new and be creative when creating it. For example, you can consider the following tips:

  • Try to include a question in the subject line.
  • Formulate a concrete call-to-action to convince the recipient.
  • Address your recipients in a personalized and direct way.
  • Tell a story that continues throughout the whole newsletter.
  • Communicate the urgency of an offer.

Some audiences also respond positively to the use of emojis in the subject line. The summer is perfect for that – try it with a sun or support your content with other summery accessories. This will set you apart from the rest of your recipients’ email inbox and give you hope for increased opening and click rates.

#2: Include seasonal topics in your campaigns

Transport the summery feeling of people directly into your newsletter. Add a touch of summer to both the newsletter template of your campaign and the content itself. Believe us, in almost every sector you can build the bridge between your campaign and the positive feeling within the summer months:

  • Implement tips and tricks for holiday preparation
  • Provide back-to-work guides
  • Integrate product presentations or cross- & up-selling activities
  • Suggest recipes, such as cocktails or fresh salads
  • Pick up travel destinations thematically

In this case, pictures say more than words. So use these to further support the content of your mailing. Try something new here as well. You can integrate animated GIFs, videos or other interactive elements to your newsletter template in order to satisfy the recipient. Conduct our mailworx service crew to get to know what’s possible in this area.

#3: Offer discounts or similar promotions

Discounts and similar promotions work well on almost every seasonal event – including summer. Try it with your own target group and send a promotional code or another exclusive content to your recipients. Actions like these are a great way to bring your customers’ attention back to your business.

#4: Plan your campaigns ahead

The dispatch time of your campaigns also plays an important role in the summer months as well. You do not have to postpone the best possible delivery date because you or your colleagues are not in the house there. Once you have completed and finalized the campaign, you can easily plan the time of the delivery. mailworx will handle the dispatch during your absence – you can count on us.

Use the time for optimization measures

Enjoy the calm time in the summer. Take a deep breath and look back at the already accomplished first half of the year. With new energy after your vacation, you can also use the quite time directly to get even more out of your campaigns in the upcoming months. In this case, we have some helpful tips on how you can use your time wisely in order to stay successful in the long term with your email marketing activities.

#1: Start with an analysis

How intensively do you deal with the statistics of your email campaigns? Maybe once in a while you look at the opening or click rate of your mailings after you’ve sent it. Far too few email marketers actually deal with a detailed analysis of the results. Use the time in the quieter months to compare your campaigns and derive specific optimization measures.

#2: Create your editorial plan

The next newsletters are definitely coming and sometimes it is not easy finding the right topics for it. Especially if the content is based on strategic considerations, more time should be devoted to the creation of the content. Start now with thoughts about the next period.

#3: Clean up your contact list

A clean subscriber database is an important aspect of successful email marketing. So keep working on optimizing your contact list to get the best possible results for your newsletter. How active are your recipients? With a reactivation campaign, you can try to reactivate inactive subscribers – otherwise, we recommend deleting the data to keep a clean database.

#4: Automate your email campaigns

The potential of email marketing automation is used far too seldom within companies – maybe also within your organization. Take your time and look critically at your internal processes. Where can you optimize processes with the help of marketing automation and thus individualize the communication with your recipients better. mailworx already provides you with the perfect tool, the workflow editor.

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