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The intuitive operation allows you to create professional newsletter in just a few minutes. Impressive features and the artificial intelligence iRated additionally support you in the successful implementation of your email marketing strategy. Our competent support team will be there to help you.
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The power of science

Have you ever heard of the cocktail party effect? This phenomenon describes the ability of our brain to detect and focus on single words (such as our name) or topics of relevance even in a crowded room. The iRated® Technology developed by mailworx conforms to the same principle. 

Every aspect of mailworx is designed to make your job easier. Create responsive emails in a matter of minutes, automate your campaigns with ease, segment your audience by behaviour and make use of the valuable insights provided by our metrics and of the artificial intelligence in Email Marketing.

Weve taken our knowledge of how the brain processes information to strike on this unique idea. iRated® is a smart algorithm that analyses subscriber behaviour and ranks their interests, allowing you to send out personalised emails that they simply cant ignore. 

Come out on top

Every email is tailor-made to the subscriber. It shows them the most relevant pieces of content first, according to their interests. This personalised approach makes open rates explode and click rates soar. Harness the power of science and take your Email Marketing to the next level!

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More on the mailworx Email Editor

Analysis and benchmarks for better email marketing
Mails sent


Bounce rate


Opening rate


Reading rate


Click rate


Unsubscribe rate


Mails sent
Bounce rate 1,21%
Delivered = Recipients 98,79%
Recipients with openings 35,71%
Total openings
Recipients with redings 28,57%
Total readings
Recipients with clicks 7,32%
Total clickcount
Unsubscribe 0,43%
Profile changes
Resendings 0

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You find it hard to engage your subscribers and turn them into customers? Marketing Automation makes it much easier to understand their needs and establish rewarding relationships!

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