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The Science of Email Marketing

Have you ever heard of the cocktail party effect? This phenomenon describes the ability of our brain to detect and focus on single words (such as our name) or topics of relevance even in a crowded room.

The iRated® Technology developed by mailworx conforms to the same principle. We’ve taken our knowledge of how the brain processes information to strike on this unique idea.  iRated® is a smart algorithm that analyses subscriber behaviour and ranks their interests, allowing you to send out personalised emails that they simply can’t ignore. 

Come out on top

Every email is tailor-made to the subscriber. It shows them the most relevant pieces of content first, according to their interests. This personalised approach makes open rates explode and click rates soar.

Harness the power of science and take your Email Marketing to the next level!


Improve performance & simplify your work

Every aspect of mailworx is designed to make your job easier. Create responsive emails in a matter of minutes, automate your campaigns with ease,  segment your audience by behaviour and make use of the valuable insights provided by our metrics.


mailworx editor: How to create an email campaign in the minimum of time

This is where the fun starts! Once you start working with our email editor you’ll never want to do without it again. Unleash your ideas and get started!

  • WYSIWYG editor with live preview for personalised content
  • Mobile responsive email templates
  • Content sections and dynamic content to boost your flexibility & productivity
  • Drag & drop import and integrated image editing
  • Media database to share your content with your subscribers and within your company
  • Comprehensive link options to make the most of your subscribers’ clicks (behavioural segmentation, survey forms, follow-up campaigns and more).
  • A/B split tests of subject line and sender

Subscriber module: Organise and target your audience

Who is the person behind the email address? As a brilliant email marketer you’ll want to get to the bottom of this question. Use mailworx to answer it and organise your email lists to drive your business forward.

  • Easy import tool, registration forms, connectors and integrations to grow and manage your email lists
  • Static and dynamic subscriber groups for segmentation
  • Target group analysis and automatically generated groups by behaviour
  • Geo marketing tool, iRated Technology and dynamic content to individualise your campaigns.

Assured delivery: Action behind the scenes

There are issues you don’t have to concern yourself with. Our technical department makes every effort to guarantee delivery at all levels.

  • Registration and configuration of email servers
  • Multipart emails
  • Subject line check & anti-spam technologies (SPF records, DKIM, …)
  • Blacklist / whitelist monitoring
  • List washing

Email metrics: Analysis and benchmarks for better Email Marketing

One of the biggest advantages of Email Marketing is its measurability, but making sense of the stats can sometimes be a challenge. mailworx provides various tools to help you analyse and interpret the results of your campaigns and easily compare them to other campaigns and competitors.

  • Real-time email tracking and email preview with clickscore
  • Get more than just the traditional metrics – mailworx measures reading time next to opens, clicks, CTOR, etc.
  • Compare your campaigns easily and monitor how your subscribers react to your emails
  • Compare your metrics to the average values in your sector
  • mailworx Statistic App and automated notifications for reporting